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another question about Time, Look, SPD pedals(10 posts)

another question about Time, Look, SPD pedalskushogun
Dec 11, 2001 11:21 AM
Hello again. From my earlier question posted a while ago, I did not seem to get a real consensus about either the Look PP396 or the Time Equipe Pro. This in mind, will either of them ultimately be as easy to engage/disengage and be any more comfortable than my SPD setup I currently have? I mean, people seem to have pros and cons with both the Look and Time pedal set-ups. Same with SPD. Will I notice an obvious difference in performance/comfort/ease of engage as my SPDs??? Or am I more or less throwing away my money? Thanks again for the support and advice. By the way... To whoever sold their soul to the devil for this incredible weather this late in the year, thanks for being a team player. Happy riding everyone!
re: another question about Time, Look, SPD pedalsgtx
Dec 11, 2001 11:35 AM
Good luck finding a consenus! I think I was the only person who replied to your previous post who has owned and ridden extensively in both Time and Look. What am I using now on all my bikes (road, mtb, cross)? Speedplay Frogs. I don't race anymore and like to be able to walk around a bit. I also like my Carnac mtb shoes a lot and like using them with all my bikes. I also like the free float, light weight and simplicity of the Frogs. I've had SPDs, too, but they didn't work out for me because they lacked good float. Also, as the cleat wore the connection became less solid. You will gain some "performance" advantage going to a pure roadie setup--both the Look and Time should feel like a more solid connection than your SPDs. But SPDs have other advantages. I find the Frog/Carnac mtb combo to be just about as solid as anything I have tried. Hope this helps.
more on floatgtx
Dec 11, 2001 12:59 PM
I consider the float found in SPDs and Looks to be more of a design afterthought--more of a slop or wobble than real float. The float in Times is spring loaded--doesn't feel sloppy like the Looks, but it does try to tug your foot (gently) back to a neutral position. Speedplay has a totally free float--not slop, not spring loaded--but this freaks a lot of people out. Some people don't like it, and it does take some getting used to. If you don't have a smooth pedal stroke, you might find your foot going all over the place. My knees are a bit sketchy, so I like/need all the float I can get. I still don't think there is a perfect pedal out there. Frogs suck in the mud and the cleats don't last that long. I didn't find the Speedplay road pedals to feel quite as solid as Times or Looks. Another good option are Time mtb pedals--provide float, you can walk in them, and they are incredible in the mud (the favorite pedals of cross racers). The new Egg Beaters pedals look interesting, and if I had some extra cash lying around I'd like to try these:
more on floattr
Dec 11, 2001 2:29 PM
the most honest evaluation i have ever read. There is no perfect pedal.
Look vs. SPD pedalstarwheel
Dec 11, 2001 12:33 PM
I switched from SPDs to Looks last summer after much deliberation, but I have no experience with Times. The Looks are better than SPDs in nearly every respect -- they are more comfortable, don't cause hotspots, easier to clip in and out, and relatively inexpensive. The biggest disadvantage with Looks is that you can't use them with mtn bike shoes, which I prefer for the convenience of walking. However, they are almost as easy to walk in using Kool Kovers, so that's not a big deal.

One potential problem with Looks is the infamous "squeak," which developed in one of my PP-357s but not in the PP-247s. I've tried cleaning the cleats and pedals, lubing them, treating with Armor-All, lithium grease -- and the squeak always comes back sooner or later. It can be very annoying. I even sent an e-mail to Look's website, but never got a response. Based on my experience with that problem, I would hesitate buying Looks if I had it to do all over. I don't think Times would be my first choice, however, due to the weight and the cost. I would probably look at Speedplays due to their light weight and slight cost advantage over Times. Now, if someone can give me a sure-fire cure for that awful squeak, I would recommend Looks without any reservations. BTW, if you decide on the Look 396s, you might consider the 247s or 357s, which are significantly cheaper. Using the red cleats, you get plenty of float -- I can't imagine why anyone would want any more. If you want less float, get the black cleats.
SPD v LookMcAndrus
Dec 11, 2001 12:59 PM
I've no experience with Time pedals. I used to ride SPDs though when I was mostly a touring type rider.

Over time I began more and more road type riding rather than touring and I found the SPDs a disadvantage, particularly in aggressive groups. They wobbled, feel loose, were hard to clip in, and occasionally clipped out by themselves. Oh, and don't forget the hot spots.

Look is superior to SPD in all these characteristics.

If I ever return to touring, though, I'll move back to SPDs so that I can wearing mountain bike shoes for extended walking.
re: another question about Time, Look, SPD pedalscioccman
Dec 11, 2001 1:09 PM
I prefer the Look platform to the SPD. As I've said before, I don't have experience with Time. Will Look be more comfortable than SPD for you? Who knows. I'd say it'll feel more solid. Will it be harder or easier to disengage? Who knows, what pedal with what tension do you currently use? As I posted below, the 396 or cx7 will likely be the hardest release you'll find. You asked below for a recommendation for ease of release, I posted the tensions. I do not recommend the 396 or cx7 for ease of use. The 357 will be easier to get in and out of.
re: another question about Time, Look, SPD pedalsLC
Dec 11, 2001 1:57 PM
All SPD's are not created equal. If you have some of the older good quality Dura Ace or Ultegra SPD then it is not as much of a difference as they have a more solid and wider connection than some of the cheap knock-off's. The cheap ones only support you by the actual cleat, instead of the wide flat area against your shoe.

Still, even the best SPD don't have as much contact area as Look or Time, but I only notice it on substantial out of the saddle climbs of over 2,000 ft elevation gain. A good stiff shoe also helps. Time and Look are both good sytems, but Time is probally a little better quality and you avoid the famous Look squeek.

Now, can you send some of that weather over to the NW. It has been very cold and rainy, with no end in site. Only the skiers are happy, but I don't ski anymore.
Why I chose SPD-RDuane Gran
Dec 12, 2001 4:54 AM
You mention SPD, however I'm not sure if you mean SPD-R, but regardless that has never stopped anyone from offering yet another opinion on the forum. ;)

I chose SPD-R mainly because it has a metal cleat. Although you can protect other cleats with covers (like Look) this seems a pain in the butt. I like the weight savings of Speedplay, but I've known enough people who accidentally stepped in sand and then had a terrible time clipping in and out. I don't know much about Time, but the metal cleat on SPD-R has treated me well.
re: another question about Time, Look, SPD pedalsEl Carnuba
Dec 12, 2001 6:26 AM
My Time cleats are oblivious to dirt, mud whatever. They also last forever. Time cleats come in two pieces a rear cam and a front cleat. The front used to be metal too, but they switched to plastic a few years back. Not really a problem though since when you walk you tend to be on your heels and the back cleat.