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do i really need brakes?(1 post)

do i really need brakes?Js Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2001 11:26 AM
inherited an '85 c'dale last week from a friend ("free to good home"), had some time last night: pulled all cables, brakes, derailleurs, bottle cages, ferrules, computer, shifters, brake levers, blah, blah off the bike until it's just frame, fork, stem, headset, bars, cranks, bb, pedals, wheels, QRs, seatpost and saddle. cut the foam bar wrap off (no kidding!) and installed some cork.

checked the great sheldon's page last week and discovered he has a similar model/year converted to fixed. it's not a horizontal (or even near) rear dropout frame, but semi-, and leaves a little margin for adjustment.

since my saturday rides are mostly flat, what real benefit would be had by installing a front caliper brake and lever? would resisting the pedals/locking the rear wheel (27", btw) not be sufficient? or is this a deathwish? noticed many bike messengers in the big cities riding fixies w/out brakes at all...jes' wonderin.