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Anyone actually like their wind trainer?(9 posts)

Anyone actually like their wind trainer?TriNut
Dec 10, 2001 10:52 AM
I tried posting this before and can't find it, so excuse me if I'm double posting (I probably hit "edit" instead of "post"). Here goes again. I bought a wind trainer for my X-mas present, but haven't opened it because I'm second guessing myself on the noise issue. I plan on using headphones with my tv and stereo system, so with the sound going straight to my ears, I didn't think the noise of the trainer would bother me. This way I wouldn't have to turn the stereo and tv up to obnoxious levels either. With all the searches done on different forums re trainers, no one seems to say they like or recommend their wind trainer. Cost is an issue. Does anyone like their wind trainer or tried a setup with earphons like I'm describing?
Dec 10, 2001 11:48 AM
I have used several types of trainers over the years. A double fan "wind trainer" makes a lot of noise but gives you increased resistance with faster pedaling. It does not approximate the feel of the road. A single fan with a flywheel on the other side is quieter (though still not quiet), smoother and more "roadlike" with the flywheel. I currently use a magnetic resistance trainer because I can vary the resistance and it is quiet. I also use rollers. With both I have a fan set up in front of me. I'm not a big fan of headphones 'cause they will get very sweaty, but if it keeps the peace in the house, go for it!
re: Anyone actually like their wind trainer?jagiger
Dec 10, 2001 1:01 PM
That's a good question. As you mentioned, it does have it's limitation, although price isn't one of them. I got my about 15 years ago to train in the Winter as a break from running. At that time I thought it loud, too boring, too uncomfortable! But I was big into running so I couldn't relate to the benefits. I also was in the basement without stereo or TV (definitely not reccomended).

This year I took the whole summer off to get into cycling. I always enjoyed cycling but never wanted to train seriously & ruin the magic. I found out alot this year. I turned 50, bought a great bike (Cannodale R2000si), trained fairly seriously for a Century (maxing out at 250mi/week), lost weigh, lowered my cholesterol and I had a great time!!

Anyway, getting back to the wind trainer, I've changed my training focus & now I really like it. Unless I find some extra money that I don't want to put into my bike for something like foolish, like upgrading to Dura Ace, I'll be riding the WT this winter.

To help things along, I've move to the family room with widescreen & stereo, including headset. I keep a supply of video tapes (college basketball, football, biking, whatever). Time goes by quickly & don't notice the noise & my wife hasn't said anything.

Also, I'm reading one of Joe Friel's books & I'm learing alot, which I'll put into a training program that will add some diversity & interest to my training. The WT will be a part of this, although I'll mix it up & I wouldn't use it full time.

One other thing, I'd clean my bike & chain before using inside and I'd use some sort of drop cloth just in case.

I hope this helps & good luck with your training!
re: Anyone actually like their wind trainer?Dave Hickey
Dec 10, 2001 1:18 PM
I use mine on cold days. I have it set up in the garage and I just turn up the TV or stereo. I've yet to wake up my family in the early morning. No problems at all with the noise. If you haven't used any type of indoor trainer before, get ready to sweat. I recommend a floor fan in front of you, also cover the top tube of your bike to protect the finish from sweat.
re: Anyone actually like their wind trainer?Bicycle Bill
Dec 10, 2001 4:06 PM
The money I made from selling mine paid for the gas to move to Florida. Why put up with that winter crap? We're not all on vacationdown here, whatever you do for work up there somebody does down here, except drive a snowplow. Sell the windtrainer, sell the woolies, sell the skis, divorce the wife, move to Florida! 85 degrees today! 'nuff said.
Pretty hard to like a trainerpmf1
Dec 11, 2001 5:27 AM
I've known some folks that do. I had a fance Performance one long ago and sold it to a friend. Now it sits unused in his basement. My wife bought a fancy Cateye Cyclosimulator a few years ago. It now sits unused in our basement.

Trainers are just so miserable. Its not even close to riding. I suppose rollers are better, but its still going to be hot and deadly boring. Luckily I live in DC and can ride for most of the year. Nothing wrong with getting off the bike for a month or so once a year and doing something else.
Pretty hard to like a trainerAnT23
Dec 11, 2001 5:41 PM
Would you be interested in selling the Cateye simulator?? I live in the Baltimore area and actually was looking into a trainer for the "winter"
I do.look271
Dec 11, 2001 3:05 PM
I use mine in an unfinished room in the basement on carpet over concrete floor. Isn't too noisey and I like the feel of it. I also paid $25 for it on e-bay with a cyclerobix tape! (The tape alone was worth it-a great workout.) Have my old 19" TV hooked up w/ my old VCR and it works just fine. If I'm really going nuts on it it may be difficult to hear the tape, but at that point, who cares?
Thanks for the replies. I'm gonna give it a try! nmTriNut
Dec 11, 2001 3:50 PM