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XERO Wheels?(14 posts)

XERO Wheels?dzrider
Dec 10, 2001 7:18 AM
A friend asked me to check out a Jamis Aurora that he wants to buy for his son. Looks ok but I know nothing of Xero wheels. The hub is a little unusual looking and they have 28 spokes on the rear and 24 on the front which is less than I'm used to seeing.
Beware of Spinergycyclinseth
Dec 10, 2001 8:20 AM
I've heard of people having more trouble with their wheels and customer service than any other wheel company out there.
Dec 10, 2001 8:26 AM
Somebody needs to post this in a conspicuous place:

Xero wheels are made by Formula, a Taiwanese company that specializes in giving their inferior product similar names to more expensive goods.

Xaero wheels are made by Spinergy, and are of only debatebly better quality than any of Formula's products- but they are more expensive.

In this case, the original poster is asking about the Formula Xero, which is a cheap, but not really terrible wheel. My opinion is that you'd be better served with a traditional 32 spoke wheel, but the Xero isn't all bad- and it looks neat besides.
Terribly sorry, I stand corrected. nmcyclinseth
Dec 10, 2001 8:30 AM
Dec 10, 2001 8:42 AM
Where would we be without you?? Seriously, I really appreciate your insight and knowledge on the industry, products, and mechanics.
You got the right wheeldzrider
Dec 10, 2001 9:31 AM
You also confirmed our somewhat educated guess. 14 year olds are are pretty damned tough on wheels so we'd like a rim that will handle some curbs without denting. On the other hand we don't want to spend a fortune on a bike for a growing kid who gets his drivers license in less than 2 years. We hope to find a leftover 2001 with Mavic 32 hole rims. We'll see how it works out. Thanks!
is this the sameWoof the dog
Dec 11, 2001 5:28 AM
company that makes the nockoff Philwood hubs that fall apart?


Dec 11, 2001 8:12 AM
Formula makes all kinds of knock-offs that fall apart. Mostly they do hubs, bottom brackets, wheels, etc...
re: XERO Wheels?pmf1
Dec 10, 2001 8:44 AM
Xaero are the second generation of Spinergy's line with composite (PBO?) spokes. Like a cable you can tie these spokes in a knot. The first offering was the Spox (in a few renditions, R1, R2, but all pretty much the same wheel). The Spox had very large hubs and a pretty high count of the relatively thick spokes. The result was a light wheel that was not very aerodynamic. The solution to this was the Xaero with a stronger spoke that allowed a lower spoke count.

I bought a pair of Spox a few years ago. They are comfortable wheels. The spokes provide a very smooth ride. Upon trying them once, my wife refused to gve them back to me and used them for about 2 years. We never had a problem with them. I have heard horror stories about the spokes breaking, bad customer service from Spinergy, etc. We've had no probelms with the Spox, or with the Rev-X wheels we own. I have to admit that I don't ride them much since I like my Ksyruims and Dave's Aerolights better. The Rev-X are great for a relatively flat ride, but suck if there is a strong cross wind.

If the bike is a good deal, I wouldn't shy away from it because it has these wheels on it. They were once a pricey wheelset and they will give a comfortable ride. The only drawback is truing this wheel which is said to be difficult. I never needed to true my Spox, so I've got no idea if this is true or not. Low spoke count is more the norm than the exception these days. Mavic Heliums, that first came out years ago have this count. Many of the newer aero/climbing wheels like Ksyruim have even less. Front wheels are often radial laced as is one side of the rear wheel.

One thing to realize on this page is that you hear a lot of complaining. People here have definite opinions that are often based on very little knowledge, or stories from a friend of a friend. Everyone here has the greatest bike on earth. I hear the same griping as you'll hear about Rolf wheels, but I sure see a lot of them. Somebody must be having luck with them (No idea if its true since I've never tried them).
huhWoof the dog
Dec 11, 2001 5:37 AM
My teammate, I can even tell you his name if you really want, bought some spinergies fall 2000 (the yellow thick spokes ones). Rode the wheels with me at that time too. Hubs started going bad in spring, I think the back one. He sent it in, waited for what I believe was at least three months, and eventually sold his bike with a front Spinergy and an old back wheel. In a box to the buyer he included a note: "the back spinergy will be arriving to you shortly from mfr." Then I know someone who actually works/ed for spinergy. He talks about rooms filled with unsold old versions. All he needs to do is just walk in and grab himself a new pair when he is done with the old one. SKETCHY!

Now, I think I just gave enough reason not to ever touch their wheels again.

yap yappmf1
Dec 11, 2001 7:41 AM
Down boy.

Like I said, everyone has some story about a friend or friend of a friend. I know someone who had trouble with a Calfee. Would that make me conclude that they suck from one experience? No.

And you think Mavic doesn't have rooms full of Heliums? I wonder what Trek did with all the Rolf wheels they had?
pmf is quite mistakendoop
Dec 11, 2001 8:15 AM
Dec 11, 2001 8:23 AM
I thought he was referring to the Spinergy Xaero wheels and made a spelling error. I have never, until this point, heard of Xero wheels. Luckily, TJ caught problem and, as usual, set the record straight.
re: XERO Wheels?davedigi
Dec 10, 2001 6:45 PM
I am the one who asked dzrider for the original opinion. The bike is a Jamis Ventura,

The specs on the wheels are as follows:

Formula XR3 aero wheelset, (650c Open Pro on 47 front), 32H, with sealed bearing 16H front and 20H rear QR hubs, 14g SS spokes.

I thought the 16 spokes in front and 20 in the back were unusual. Any thoughts?