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Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?(8 posts)

Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?kneedadvice
Dec 9, 2001 6:46 PM
I recently swapped my Time Atacs for a pair of Look pp357's (swappped to a road shoe also). Now I have a dull pain in my knees (sort of below that my knee cap). Any thoughts on why this has started, I have not decreased/increased my weekly time on the bike (I have been using the rollers more often now). What do you think? Should I raise my seat a wee bit, or maybe adjust the positioning of the cleats?

Thanks in advance :)
re: Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?CrazyMan
Dec 9, 2001 7:39 PM
could be related to amount of float.
though for me it makes little difference, geberally, the less float, the more likely you are to experience knee pain, so check that out.
re: Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?kneedadvice
Dec 9, 2001 7:46 PM
I am using the red look cleats and have the float adjustment as high as it goes. Could it be too much float? Any other thoughts?

thanks :)
re: Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?gtx
Dec 9, 2001 11:32 PM
my guess is the difference in float, too, or something about the way you have your cleats adjusted on the Looks. (I've had both and much prefer Time--currently ride Speedplay which has tons of float). Also, I think Time places your foot closer to the spindle than Look, so you may need to raise your seat a tad. Good luck.
Dec 10, 2001 5:08 AM
Check to make sure you have the cleats aligned so that they are even on both sides of the scale on bottom of the shoe adapter. Make sure you use all 3 screws to attach the cleats. (I didn't at first, and my cleats got misaligned from clipping out and in.) Also, Look cleats are definitely "thicker" and you'll need to raise you saddle about .5 cm to compensate for that.
Dec 10, 2001 5:14 AM
Thanks for the input, I raised the seat a wee bit and I will look into repositioning the cleats.

re: Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?Bo
Dec 10, 2001 6:27 AM
I had a similar problem (dull medial knee pain which gradually got worse with increased time and intensity) when I switched mid-summer from Ultegra SPDs to Looks (red cleats). Although the pedals have about the same amount of float, the float on the SPDs feels more "free"-- with the Looks I felt like I had to consciously adjust foot position. Also, the float on the SPDs "revolves" around a point under the ball of your foot whereas the Looks "pivot" from a point in front of the ball of your foot.

Never ridden Times. Do they float/feel more like SPDs or Looks? As for me, I'm back on the SPDs and thinking about Speedplays.

My .02

re: Pedal Swap = Knee Pain ?!?!?cioccman
Dec 10, 2001 8:02 AM
If you're really serious about getting all lined up properly, see a bio-mechanic specialist. Our teams' specialist lives in CO, however, makes more than a yearly trip to our area and many others. A full fitting is somewhere around $150 and a lower quadrant analysis and assessment is generally under $100. Good luck.