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How many caloried do I really need?(4 posts)

How many caloried do I really need?javagenki
Dec 9, 2001 5:50 PM
Is there some way I can figure out how many calories I really need to consume in a day while training? My doctor says 1500; seems way, way too low. I am a muscular 255lbs and have been riding bikes nearly everyday for 10 years. I am happy with my legs, lungs, and heart, but just can't seem to figure out how to get that tummy flatter. How do I factor in all of the details to find a good number of calories?
Try this siteMcAndrus
Dec 10, 2001 5:38 AM
This link is a site on nutrition. It has an interesting calculator for calories, carbs, proteins, etc.
re: How many caloried do I really need?morey
Dec 10, 2001 5:53 AM
In order to maintain your current weight: 15 cal/lb. Therefore, you would need 3825 calories/day. To reduce take the weight you would want to weigh, say 245 and multiply by 15, which gives you 3675 calories. Eat at this rate to reduce a few pounds. 1500 cal/day is ludicrous!
Round numbersKerry Irons
Dec 10, 2001 6:41 PM
Your base metabolism is around 2000 per day for someone of your weight. This means to cover normal activities. The 1500 calories your doctor quoted is for a 150 lb person. Any exercise goes on top of that. For you, it's roughly 35 calories per mile at 20 mph. If you exercise very intensely, you'll also get some "burn" after you stop exercising due to elevated metabolism. A flatter tummy means lower body fat, so you need to lose weight or gain muscle to get there. If you are already muscular, then it means losing weight. If you shave 500 calories a day, you'll lose 1 lb per week (3500 calories per lb of fat).