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tubular glue removal(3 posts)

tubular glue removalBigBill
Dec 7, 2001 7:34 AM
I have recently got some used tubular wheels and just got my first flat. The guy before used 3M fast tack. I want to change to a different glue. Should I remove the fast tack glue on the rims or is it OK to leave it on with a different glue? What's a good product that will remove fast tack? Finally, any glue recommendations for a 210 pounder
yes you should...secourir
Dec 7, 2001 9:43 AM
different glues sometimes dont mix well with disastrous results.

first give a cleaner like a generic orange clean a try. if your making no progress you can use a white spirit or acteone. remember to use gloves and do it in an airy place as the fumes can be dangerous as well as flamable. importantly wash down the rim thoroughly and make sure all is dry. whilst like this it is a good idea to true and test all the spokes.

sand down the gluing surface with a light grade paper to rough it up a litlle. mastik 1 is my only recommendation although i have heard good things on other glues though i have no experience with them. you may consider tufo tires adhesive tubular rim strips if ease of use and a low mess solution is your preference. certainly faster to do as well.

if gluing again on a fresh clean rim it would be wise to coat the rim surface a couple of times with glue brushed on and leave to prep for at least 3 - 4 hours after each coat. you can do the same with the tubular about three hours prior to gluing. finally give the rim and tubular a fresh coat to tubular and rim prior to fitting. after fitted inflate to a good pressure, clean off excess glue (carefully - avoid getting to close to the tire) and seat the tubular so it is centered. inflate to normal riding pressure and leave to sit at least 4 - 6 hours.

your rim will be held fast and certainly wont roll off even way above 210 pounds. this process is laborius and over doing it but it is fool proof. some do this process over the course of 24 hours or longer but 12 hours is enough. all of the above is true if you are using a new tubular tire. repairing and cleaning a used tubular of glue is trickier and needs different chemicals and a lot of attention to the base tape. speking of which check that the base tape is secure if not work a little glue in to make it so.

tubulars - wouldn't think of riding anything else. i average 2 flats a year (8 - 9k miles) so for me they work well. i dont carry a spare anymore unless i head far out from home on a long ride.

good luck.
use this:Rusty McNasty
Dec 7, 2001 1:58 PM
Acetone does a great job of removing any and all glue, as well as dirt, grime, etc. The only problem is that it will remove clearcoats, stickers, etc. also. Use with extreme care.
Denatured alcohol is a better glue solvent. It's not nearly as reactive to the things you want to keep, but it does get the old glue off.
since the old owner used fast-tack, I would remove it all. For new glue, you should use Vittoria Mastik, or Continental (in a pinch). Do not, ever, ever, ever use the 'white' glues (Tubasti, gutta). They don't work worth a d@mn!