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How consistent do I have to be with base training?(4 posts)

How consistent do I have to be with base training?Pack Meat
Dec 7, 2001 7:08 AM
I'm trying to do the right thing and develop a really good base by keeping my heart rate capped at 160 but does that mean that every ride has to be that low? Some friends are doing a long cross ride into the mountains tomorrow that will certainily put me over the cap, will this ruin any work that I've done? Last question, do I have to maintain the cap during other activities like skiing?

Share the Road.

re: How consistent do I have to be with base training?Bruno
Dec 7, 2001 8:31 AM
I believe you will be all right as long as you maintain your planned volume. An example of what to avoid: you had planned two 50 miles rides for the weekend but you hammered in the first one and had to cut short the second one. I'm sure that doing extra effort will not riun the work that you have done, on the contrary it should help as long as you still can keep up your usual training routine.
re: How consistent do I have to be with base training?Jon
Dec 7, 2001 10:16 AM
Going over threshold occasionally is not going to ruin your base program. In fact there's quite a bit
of evidence indicating that a once per week foray into more intense territory prevents detraining. The
efforts, however, should not be extended, nor should your total workload, including weight training, etc.
severely draw down your energy reserves. Going skiing and other fun things are no problem. However,
after a hard day of skiing you're going to want to adjust your activities accordingly to facilitate recovery.
Common sense and moderation in all things, as always!
re: How consistent do I have to be with base training?allervite
Dec 7, 2001 3:48 PM
Hell no! You just have to be able to comfortably maintain your volume. If your anaerobic efforts leave you too tired physicaly or mentaly to COMFORTABLY complete your aerobic efforts than you are screwing up. An occasional death ride resulting in a lost week of training won't kill you either. Just do not do it often.
You will start to lose aerobic fitness after four days of no aerobic work.
Also, your thresholds change for each sport. 160 BPM riding are equal to about 173 of running.
The key is to keep your base training long, consistent and fun.