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Did I make the right decision?(8 posts)

Did I make the right decision?Grabnmcbutt
Dec 6, 2001 8:10 PM
Finally got enought money together for a real racing road bike. I currently have a nice Daccordi from the late 80's built up with 8 speed campy chorus that I use for longer rides, I want a light and fast bike.

I decided that i could get a better frame slightly used on the internet than buying new. I narrowed my choices down to a 2001 litespeed Ultamite used in almost new condition. Frame and fork with king headset was $1100.

My other choice was a 2001 Specialize Festina edition SL 4 that was new and it included frame, fork, king headset, ti seatpost, and Zepp stem for $600.

I figured I had a total of around $1700 - 1800 to complete the bike. If I got the Litespeed I was looking at a 2001 used 9 speed dura group for $450 and spending the remaining $200 on an average wheelset.

Looking at the Specialized frameset I determined I could purchase a 2002 chorus 10speed group brand new for $610 (great deal I though!!!) and then I found a SPINERGY XAERO CLINCHER WHEELSET 2001 year new for under $400.

I loved the litespeed but figured I could get closer to a topnotch race bike with the best components by going with the specialized. Also I'm about 6'2 and 210lb and I was worried about frame flex on the litespeed.

So I went with the specialized....How did I do for a mtb biker??? what would you have done different.
Advice from a temporary insomniac.Elefantino
Dec 6, 2001 9:33 PM
Are you happy with your purchase? That's all that's important, and if so, then stop reading, start riding and enjoy.

If you're still not sure, my take:
• Be wary of your Spinergys. They have a bad rep on this board (broken, flesh-eating spokes, non-existent customer service, etc.)
• Chorus deal was a good one. Not much difference between that group (I can't make myself say "gruppo") and Record, unless you're Jan or Marco.
• Specialized makes good bike frames. I just bought an S-Works M4 (also off eBay); I can't ride it for a while yet (still recovering from an accident) but when I rode one in June, I loved it as a sprint and climbing platform. SL is supposed to be even better. Not as nice as my OCLV for long rides, but nice just the same.

Oh... welcome to the behemoth club. I'm 6-5, 210. We may suck on climbs, but stay out of our way on descents. Gravity is a hoot.
sounds greatgtx
Dec 6, 2001 9:39 PM
If the frame fits and came with a warranty, should be great. Personally, I might have taken hand-built wheels with Chorus hubs over those Spinergies, but... Enjoy!
Too late now ...pmf1
Dec 7, 2001 5:31 AM
I would have bought the Litespeed instead. the Ultimate is no flexy bike. $1100 for a 2001 model is a very good price. Oh well, too late now. I'm sure compared to what you had the Specialized will be a great bike too. Also a good deal and its new. Enjoy it. I bet you'll especially like the modern components.
re: Best deal or best value?dzrider
Dec 7, 2001 6:31 AM
I try to think in terms of best value, not best deal. If you ride your a lot of miles without feeling the need for costly upgrades you got a good value. This is much more significant to me than comparing the price paid for the frame and parts to what they typically cost on the open market. Either choice looks like a good deal to me so the only thing I might have done differently would be try to figure out which would be more fun to own and ride. Time will tell if you got a good value.
Ahh, buyer's remorse! Who among us hasn't felt it?cory
Dec 7, 2001 8:36 AM
I have no opinion on the bikes (well, yes I do, but it doesn't matter). What counts, though, is whether YOU'RE happy. It's normal for those of us with bills to pay and human-scale incomes to worry if we made the right decision on a major purchase. The only bike in my life I didn't have second thoughts about after I wrote the check was my Atlantis, which was exactly what I wanted from the first turn of the wheels.
Just go ride the thing, enjoy it and quit worrying.
read thisWoof the dog
Dec 7, 2001 9:36 AM
Anybody who buys aluminum frames, especially as lightened up as festina m4s that crack like crazy, is nuts! You can't warranty the damn al. can if it breaks on you if you bought it secondhand. I can almost guarantee that specialized won't last you a year. Lightspeed would be much better because I doubt you will break the frame.

Forget about Spinergy. Bad customer service, questionable durability from wheel to wheel, not aerodynamic with thick spokes if the wheel you are talking about has 'em. You can get a just as light and probably lighter custom wheel that will last forever and will be sweet to race on. Under your weight spinergies will pop for sure. Shop for durace hubs, go to and look for the cheapiest place. Get open pro rims or velocity aerohead rims built up with revo spokes and these wheels will perform better than stupid Spinergy. Thats the type of wheel i ride with absolutely no problems. Both weigh around 1550 grams, if not less, which is almost yuppy for a clincher. Who cares if it looks plain. Racers shouldn't care for looks, only performance, functionality and maybe comfort. Its hard to get light and airdynamic wheels for performance for little money. Strong wheels to look at would be Ksyriums. Only later on both of us will be able to scrap up the money for something tubular, deep rim and zipp. Now concentrate on getting a good frame and light wheels that won't fall apart under your weight, no offense.

If you can buy parts separate, that's what I'd do. For gruppo, get durace shifters, crank, chain (5 bucks over ultegra), and maybe rear deraillure. Ultegra brake calipers are heavier than durace by about 30 grams both of them, and cost about 100 bucks (i think) less. Same thing about deraillures. You can upgrade stuff later on, as long as you got a good frame. Get it? Frame is everything, it unites things and the quality of the ride depends a lot on geometry and material. Wheels come in almost as equally important. Everything else doesn't matter.

Hope this helps.


Yep, you made the right decisioncioccman
Dec 7, 2001 11:26 AM
Light, stiff, fast and a good price in addition. I've had one of my alu bikes for years now and having broken it. Matter of fact, I've yet to ever see someone break one. You'll never get that kind of response or stiffness from any other material. There seem to be a lot of people slamming Spinergy here, but don't worry about that either. There are a lot of Litespeed slammers as well. This is a natural phenomenon. The more product there is, the more people there are to slam them. You won't find many Nevi slammers because you won't find any owners. I've got a set of Spinergy and love them. Never a problem. Have fun with that Festina edition. Truly a nice rig in my opinion.