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UCI number for races, what do they mean?(4 posts)

UCI number for races, what do they mean?TrekMan
Dec 5, 2001 9:03 AM
Every uci race has a "point value", like 2.5 or 1.9. So what do they mean? Is the bigger number race worth more, and how do the points work out? I can't find anything about this on the uci site. So anyone know about this stuff? Thanks!
smaller numbers = bigger races and more $$$ nmclimbo
Dec 5, 2001 9:10 AM
re: UCI number for races, what do they mean?mr_spin
Dec 5, 2001 10:02 AM
To get the full points scale, go to the UCI site and click on the Rules link. Then click on Road Races. You'll find everything you want to know in there.

Basically, the "1" in 1.x means it is a one-day race. If it is a "2" it is a stage race (multi-day).

The "x" in 1.x is a measure of the difficulty/importance of the race. UCI points are awarded based on the category of the race and the placing of the rider. Also, Division 1 teams are prevented from riding in lower category races, presumably because they would overwhelm the competition.

The highest category is "HC" which stands for "Hors Categorie." There aren't a lot of 1.HC races, but some well known ones are Ghent-Wevelgem and Fleche Wallone. Next is 1.1, which includes Het Volk. Then 1.2, 1.3, etc. Finally, there is a 1.S category for really special, typically invitational races. I don't think 1.S carries any points.

There are also special classifications. This includes World Cup, Grand Tours, Olympic Games, and National Championships. For stage races, there are points for the mountains and points competitions, plus points for the overall ranking, and points for the leader at the end of each stage. There are points for the final World Cup ranking, too.

In the USA, the highest categorized race (for men) is the USPRO Championship in Philadelphia. It's 1.2, which is a big time race. Most other US races are 1.3 or 2.3 at best. The San Francisco race this year was only 1.4.

Finally, if there are three numbers (1.x.x), it is a women's race. The extra number doesn't mean anything.
re: UCI number for races, what do they mean?JS
Dec 5, 2001 10:12 AM
It's kinda weird but 1.X races are one day events, 2.x races are multi-day events.In both, the lower the second number(X) the more UCI points awarded. For example the Tour De France is a 2.HC the HC standing for Hor Categorie (Above Category)while the Tour du Poitou Charentes is a 2.4 and Paris-Nice fits in between at a 2.1. A world cup one day race is also HC as in 1.HC. Incidentally world cup races are the only one day races allowed to have a race distance lomger than 200km's.