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What is best to get the right amount(18 posts)

What is best to get the right amountProtein Deficent
Dec 4, 2001 6:06 PM
As mentiioned in Joe Friel's book, it says that a junior athlete can need upwards of .8gm X Body weight when weight training. That puts me at 112-140gm per day. To do this I must focus all my attention on getting protein in so I don't eat too much. The thing is though, I'm at school from 8am-3:30pm, so I can't eat multiple meals, onlt once at 12:45. So when should I eat and what should I eat?


By the Way: I am 5'7" and 140lbs.
Pork rinds and scotch eggs...Ahimsa
Dec 4, 2001 6:31 PM
Eat 'em late at night at the pub. Loaded with protein and fat. Everythin' a junior athlete needs, junior.

What's the protein content of decent brown ale, eh?

Seriously, I'd say that if'n your this serious about diet, then it would stand to reason that one whopper mid day meal is kinda Those same sources you get your nutrition advice from would surely balk at the idea of maxing out one big noonday binge.

I'm sure you can find time to eat during the day. I am schooling and working 24-7 myself and still pack away more than enough protein. They make shakes for that protein hype too if you want to be "that guy".

Eat right plus exercise = best advice on this big blue planet


Mmmmm...Scotch eggs. Lovely!!nigel
Dec 4, 2001 9:50 PM

How do you know so much about so many good things, like a decent brown ale, pork rinds (delicious!!), and one of my personal faves--scotch eggs? Nothing beats a nice hard-boiled egg coated in mashed-up sausage and breadcrumbs and fried to perfection! Damn, now I really want one!

Refreshing break from the usual cycle of cycling responses. Good one, mate.

Mmmmm...Scotch eggs. Lovely!!tarwheel
Dec 5, 2001 5:26 AM
We've got an English-style brew pub in Raleigh, NC, that serves Scotch eggs and I have to agree that they are fantastic -- particularly with some beer. Have you ever tried making them yourself? They're kind of pricey at the pub, but it seems like they would be easy enough to make. Just wrap a hard-boiled egg in ground sausage, dust with flower and then fry it -- does that sound right?

BTW, Nige, I found a long-sleeve Kelme Gios jersey on eBay yesterday, but it's too small for me (size 4). This one supposedly was worn by a member of the Kelme team. I need a size 6 European or XXL American. Seen any out your way?
Playing to my strengths....Muncher.
Dec 5, 2001 6:19 AM
6 eggs, hard boiled
500 g sausage meat
40 g rolled oats
15 ml mustard
1 ml black pepper
100 g bread crumbs
2 eggs, beaten

(1) Preheat oven to 200 deg. C.
(2) Make the covering: mix all ingredients thoroughly
and divide into six portions.
(3) Cover the eggs: uniformly cover each hard boiled
egg with its portion of the sausage mixture.
(4) Bread the covered eggs: roll each egg in bread
crumbs, then into beaten egg, and once again in
bread crumbs.
(5) Set eggs on a cookie sheet and bake for 15
minutes. Turn them over and bake another 15
Now we know why you're called Muncher ...tarwheel
Dec 5, 2001 8:06 AM
Thanks. I'll give it a try.
I think I love you (so what am I so afraid of?), Muncher.nigel
Dec 5, 2001 7:34 PM
Top marks, mate, on the super info (parts, procedure). I will certainly try this out this winter. Maybe I'll make my OWN eggy-weggs for Xmas.

Figured I'd throw a bit of the Keith Partridge (Related to Swindon's own Andy Partridge of XTC? I think NOT.) into the mix with the topic line.

Munch, where are you from (or where do you live)? Are you in England or Scotland?

On the bonnie wee banks of...muncher.
Dec 6, 2001 1:49 AM
The river Tillingbourne, just outside of Guildford. I am one of the vast number of half Scottish, half Hungarian cycling residents of these parts. I like my Scotch Eggs with just a dash of paprika on the top...

I think there is a need for a Scotch Egg Marketing Bureau - along the lines of the old Viz chips one "Eat more Scotch Eggs" and "Don't be soft, have a Scotch Egg"..

Whaddya reckon?
Just cooked them for dinner...Starliner
Dec 5, 2001 9:40 PM
I cooked them for my finicky 15 yr old son and me for dinner tonite - and he gobbled them up! They were good, but I think next time I'd add a little seasoning and think about pouring some sauce or southern gravy over the top of them. Beer would definitely have been better than the cheap red wine I had with the meal.
Sorry, Tarwheel, but I haven't seen any larger Kelme shirts.nigel
Dec 5, 2001 7:25 PM
I checked on World Cycling Productions, but they've only got the short-sleeved jerseys (but with Look instead of Gios) in sizes up to XXXL--no long-sleeved numbers.

I tried. :)

Eh? Oh, good things....Ahimsa
Dec 5, 2001 10:29 AM
My arteries and I get around a bit...

As does my liver...

Hey, you only live once...I intend to drink martinis, enjoy good ale, eat the food I want, and sleep late.

I figure that riding as much as I do combined with generally healthy habits permits me a bit of "sin".

Besides, it isn't like I'm still laying waste to hordes of braincells with illicit often.

Without beer and coffee and bikes I do not wish to live.



(No fast food though...if you're gonna eat for comfort make it count.....roast beef and gravy open face on thick toast with chips!)
re: What is best to get the right amountdsc
Dec 5, 2001 12:41 AM
Like Ahimsa, I also work & school 24/7, but I am also able to follow the 6 meal a day plan, by using meal replacement shakes for 2 of my meals.

Choose a product that balances protein with carbohydrates, not just pure protein. In this way it is a true "meal replacement". EAS (and others, I'm sure) makes a product called Myoplex that fits this description. They are even available pre-mixed, so you could chill a couple and take them to school in a small cooler.

BTW, I agree that nothing tastes beter than a nice Scotch egg w/ a pint 'o Guinness ;)

re: What is best to get the right amountLeisure
Dec 5, 2001 1:30 AM
"I'm at school from 8am-3:30pm, so I can't eat multiple meals"

I assume you mean no extra meals, such as 6/day, etc? That's fine. My observation is that the average adolescent male's eating habits have plenty of protein already. I'm assuming you're male, right? Eat decent amounts of protein, say a couple good-size sandwiches plus miscellaneous grub at lunch, and a similarly-sized dinner. Eggs for breakfast, etc, are also good recommendations. 140g equates to only one third of a pound/day. You'll meet that easy if you don't already.
You can eat more or less just according to how you feel, don't starve or gorge yourself on anyone else's account. I wouldn't worry about special diets until you've been working-out for the better part of a year so you know your goals and how feasibile they are. When I was a Sophomore in highschool (I assume you're around that age) I started at almost your exact dimensions, stuck to two meals a day (as above but no breakfast), and by Senior year gained 20 pounds (135 to 155) and my bench had gone from 150 to 275. No extra meals, steroids, creatin, protein supplements--hell, I didn't even take any Vitamins (you should, though). My goal was specifically to increase my power-to-weight ratio, not so much gain weight, and within that purpose my eating habits were more than enough.
If you're trying out for a specific sport where you really need mass, you can work-out appropriately and eat more as you feel. I really encourage learning how your body feels and reacts to eating and working out above anything else. You're much less likely to either get fat or stunt your growth that way, and you'll get better results from your training. Joe Friel's book may be a venerable fountain of knowledge, but you have to apply what you learn in the context of your own body to get the most from it.
re: What is best to get the right amountDuane Gran
Dec 5, 2001 4:49 AM
Based on my observations, there is a lot of protien paranoia among athletes that is unfounded. I read a sports nutrition book by Nancy Clark and she explained that a turkey sandwhich or two eggs provides enough protien for almost any type of athlete. Of course, she was probably referring to adults, and since you are still in your teens the advice may be different. Most figures I've heard are to get about 1gm of protien per kilogram of weight per day.

An easy way to supplement your protien is to eat nuts. You could keep a bag of cashews in your locker and munch a handful of nuts between classes. They are a good source of protien and they are fairly cheap.
EZ protein sourcestarwheel
Dec 5, 2001 5:20 AM
Here are some easy ways to get extra protein: peanuts (or any other nuts), peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, cheese cut up in chunks, cottage cheese, yogurt, hard sausage.
Cheap and Easyvanzutas
Dec 5, 2001 5:51 AM
Tuna Fish has a ton of protien and it is one of the cheapest foods on earth. I don't know if you can do this or not but here is what I do, get some low fat mayo packets that don't neet to be refrigerated, (Free at the end of a food line). then get a bunch of Tunafish with the pop tops so you don't need a can opener, and of course some bread. you can make the sandwiches right at school and you don't have to worry about refridgerating them. I would suggest against leaving tuna sandwiches unrefrigerated for more than a half an hour.

Milk is great for protien. If you can get some milk in you every once in a while durring the day you will get a ton of protien. Look in Friels book he says to mix 5 tablespoons with milk for a recovery drink. this is real cheap and I like it a lot. I drank a ton of it this summer.

In the Gym, warm up, Stretch, and worry about FORM Much Much more than the ammount of weight you lift.

Don't panic, you probably get enoughpeloton
Dec 5, 2001 8:08 AM
The reccomended diet includes percentages of about 15% protein, 25-30% fat, and 55-60 carbohydrate. Most Americans, even athletes are way over on the amount of protein they consume every day. People get worried about numbers and statistics they hear, thinking they need more. There have been studies stating that an edurance athlete needs 57% more protein than the average American diet provides. Thing is though, the average American diet is based on about 2000 calories. Most athletes consume that extra 57% protein in the extra calories that they bring in without having to mess with the 15% protein ratio. Think of the amount of calories you take in when training, it's a lot more than 2000. If you are cosuming adequate calories and your ratios are acceptable, then you are fine. If you are in calorie debt, or your ratios are off then you may need to do something about your diet. Extra protein past this 15% will only then be metabolized to energy through an inefficient process of gylconeogenesis that uses a lot of ATP. Aside from being ineffiecient, it is also hard on your kidneys because of the amount of ketones (acids) it releases. And the extra protein won't go to muscle either. Your body only has so many binding sites into actin/myosin at the muscular level. Your body can only metabolize so much protein into muscle depending on your own level of testosterone and muscle binding sites. Protein is pretty popular today, and there are a lot of people who would say you need more but I don't think it really holds up when you see what it does once in your body. Your diet is probably better than you think in relation to protein. Check out your calorie ratios and see exactly how much of your diet is already consisting of protein before worrying too much.
Beef Jerky has lots of protein. . .js5280
Dec 6, 2001 1:31 PM
It's around 10-12g protein w/ only .5 grams of fat for a typical serving. At least in the stuff I find at the store. It's also low volume so you can eat a ton of it easily and it transports well. I can't think of anything else except maybe protein bars w/ that much protein but they are pretty filling.