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VO2 & max heart rate formula's?(5 posts)

VO2 & max heart rate formula's?James
Dec 4, 2001 4:47 PM
I'm looking to know what the max heart rate formula is. Also what is VO2 and what's it's formula. I feel so uninformed!
re: VO2 & max heart rate formula's?Len J
Dec 5, 2001 4:24 AM
Max Heart rate. The standards formula is (220- your age) but testing has shown that this doesn't apply to most people. In my case that would be 174. However I can maintain 181 for more than an hour and a half (my max is around 200). There is wide variability in max heart rate so the best way is to test yourself or be tested. Freil's book has a tst in it for this. (as does Carmichael's). The best self test I've heard of is to find a long hill and pound up it as hard as you can, when you feel like dying, pound harder until your only recourse is to pass out or stop. Have a HRM that records max heart rate on it. When your eyes clear, the max heart rate on your HRM is probably close to your max.

VO2 testing, I think needs to be done in a lab. But I could be wrong.

re: VO2 & max heart rate formula's?D1234
Dec 5, 2001 5:18 AM
HR formulas are plentiful- the most popular of which is the 220-age. Recently, a new one has emerged although I can't exactly recall it. Something like 208 - .7 or .8(age). Anyway, work your butt off uphill and measure your HR. That will be close. FWIWH, studies have shown that treadmill work will give you a more accurate MHR, than bike ergometer. A bike won't be quite as high due to amount of muscle involved.
Now Max VO2 or VO2... VO2 is the amount of oxygen consumed or utilized by the body. It is calculated by taking HR * SV *AVO2 diff where HR=heart rate, SV=stroke volume-amount of blood ejected per beat of heart, AVO2diff= basically the amount of oxygen available to be utilized minus the amount actually used. Now that I have confused you with ancient college course material-
Vo2 max can be estimated by doing a submaximal bike test - they can be done at high quality health clubs although are +/- 15%. If you really want to know, ask your local college Kinesiology program- most will offer a VO2 max test conducted on a bike or mill using a metabolic cart which will analyze expired air for O2/CO2 content. If it's lower than expected, don't worry- work on training your threshold which is a better predictor of performance than VO2.
Go to this page for field VO2 testscottfree
Dec 5, 2001 9:07 AM
Go to this page for field VO2 testD1234
Dec 5, 2001 9:54 AM
Be careful- ANY estimated VO2 is just that- an estimate. +/-5ml/kg/min is very optimistic- IMHO- in relation to the reported accuracy of the Rockport test. All estimates are based on the linear relationship between HR and VO2. Mechanical efficiency of walking varies greatly among individuals and therefore adds to the inaccuracy. Take # w/ a grain of salt. Get it measured if you really want to know.