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Zipp 909 vs. computer(3 posts)

Zipp 909 vs. computercolosipm
Dec 4, 2001 10:38 AM
I recently bought a set of zipp 909s and am now wondering what I can do about the cadence/rear wheel mount that is on this bike. I obviously can't put the magnet on the spoke, because there aren't any. Cyclists must have had this problem when the time trial. What do they do?
Double-Stick Tapegust-of-sun
Dec 4, 2001 11:14 AM
3M part number 4932 is a VHB (very high bond) grade for materials with low surface energy like polypropylene but bonds well to other materials like metals. Use it to stick a small magnet from a hobby shop, craft store, or electronics shop directly to the wheel. just know that once it's stuck, it's not moving, and pulling it off could damage the carbon fiber. With a weaker tape, you run the risk of losing the magnet at high speed due to the centripetal force of the wheel. Then you'll have a small magnetic bullet which, according to murphy's law, wants to lodge itself in the worst possible place, your posterior. with the disc wheel, you don't have many alternatives to a permanent installation.

Good Luck,
tubular tire cementpmf1
Dec 4, 2001 11:44 AM
I glued a piece of magnet on a Spinergy Rev-X using tubular cement. Its never fallen off. Unlike super glue, I know I can take it off if I want.