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Possible move to Boone, NC; input?(13 posts)

Possible move to Boone, NC; input?Packfill
Dec 3, 2001 7:32 PM
Possible job related move to Boone, NC. I'm a masters age road racer, pretty serious, although am interested in trying mountain as well. Are there riders/clubs in the area? Anything anyone can offer both about biking and living in the area will be very much appreciated.

re: Possible move to Boone, NC; input?Lone Gunman
Dec 3, 2001 7:46 PM
Look under Blue Ridge Bicycle club or something like that to get the low down on the area. LA went there to revitalize his career a few years back if that means anything to you.
Do you like to climb?tarwheel
Dec 3, 2001 8:59 PM
There's lots of fine cycling near Boone, including the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here's a link listing all the NC cycling clubs (I think Blue Ridge is the one you want):

Boone has a very active cycling community, which is enhanced by its proximity to the Parkway and Appalachian State University. It is very hilly (some would say mountainous near Boone), so you better like climbing. As Lone Gunman mentioned, Lance Armstrong used to cycle a lot around Boone and credits the area to reviving his interest in cycling when he was thinking about dropping his racing career (at least that's what he says in It's Not About the Bike.) If you like to climb, the Blue Ridge Parkway arguably has some of the finest cycling in the East.
Do you like to climb?Dream plus
Dec 5, 2001 5:54 AM
Just to chime in here...I have ridden the Bridge to Bridge tour 12 times and I would move to that region in a second! The climb up 181 to theparkway is 11 miles long. There are steeper rides up to Banner Elk and trail riding I've never explored. Appalachian State ensures some cultural experience and there's unlimited hiking plus a chance of snow in the winter. Some areas are "dry" so planning ahead may be neccessary if you like beer..mmm.
awesome placeDuane Gran
Dec 4, 2001 4:26 AM
I recently spent some time in the Black Mountains and the place is awesome. If you like climbing, you will absolutely love the area. I was in heaven and am hoping for the day when I can move out there. I can't tell you about any clubs, as I just stayed in a cabin, but from a personal experience I loved the area.
re: Possible move to Boone, NC; input?Kurt H
Dec 4, 2001 4:54 AM
Well, I can't comment on cycling in the area, as the five years I spent there were as a completely poverty stricken student who couldn't afford a bike. I borrowed a mountain bike from a friend a couple of times and had a blast at any of numerous trails in the area. There are a few cycle shops in the area and, although the major focus is mountain biking, I think you will be able to find any reasonably normal road cycling gear you need without trouble.
Life in Boone is all about the great outdoors (although it is growing quickly and getting better). If you're moving from a big city and expect a upscale social scene, you're in for a rude awakening. If you like to hike, bike, camp, rock climb, and follow it all up with a couple of good beers in a cozy little bar.....welcome home. Enjoy it! I wish I could move back there myself!
If you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me.
Kurt H
Divided we stand!Commander
Dec 4, 2001 5:36 AM
Any talk of summitry?
Others have sung the praises, butMcAndrus
Dec 4, 2001 5:22 AM
Even though you've already seen the glowing remarks, I'll add mine. Boone is some of the best biking country in the US and maybe the world.

I've ridden some in the Rockies and other places in the Appalachians. I'd say the Boone area is certainly one of the prettiest areas in the east. As others have said, if you like climbing the roads are just about perfect.

(Excuse me while I embarass myself by gushing incontrollably :-)).
Dec 4, 2001 5:40 AM
My in-laws have a house in Burnsville, not too far from Boone. I am a climber, and that area is as good for cycling as any place I've ridden, including during my years in Sonoma County, California.
re: Possible move to Boone, NC; input?pkompath
Dec 4, 2001 6:50 AM
Boone is a wonderful place for both road and mtn. biking. Take your road bike on the 500 miles Blue Ridge Parkway that stretches from Cherokee, NC to Charlottesville, Va. There is an annual road event called "Assault on Mt. Mitchell" that starts from the lowlands of Spartanburg, SC to the highest peak in NC(6000 ft +). If you want culture,then visit Asheville, NC which is only 2 hours south of Boone. Check out
hippie town. i loved my visit there. (nm)aet
Dec 4, 2001 6:55 AM
re: Possible move to Boone, NC; input?Iseemo
Dec 4, 2001 3:21 PM
Take it. Great place to do anything outdoors. Weather is terrific and you can almost ride year round. Mtn. bike, cyclocross, and/or road cycling. Good routes to Grandfather Mtn., Beech Mtn, etc. Typical college town with a tourist flair. If I had an opportunity for a job there, I'd take it in a quick minute. Masters road racing is tough in NC - Boone is a fairly central location for southeast races and midwest/Ohio races. If you like a city atmosphere - this isn't it. Very Boulder-type atmosphere, but if you're not from the south be aware (and I'm sure you are) that there are still ignorant rednecks around.
re: Possible move to Boone, NC; input?ridgerider
Dec 7, 2001 4:09 AM
I'm glad you posted this question. I'm preparing a proposal to book publishers on a book of road cycling routes in the Boone area, and your query proves there is at least one person somewhere on the planet who might have an interest! I live in North Wilkesboro, about 30 miles "down the mountain" from Boone. Some thoughts:

1. To check out the local riding scene, a quick way might be to call Boone Bike and Touring at (828) 262-2750. They're the oldest of Boone's 3 bike shops and should know practically everyone out there.

2. As for the weather, visit for a Boone climate summary. One of the previous posters was correct in saying that you can ride almost all year. Winter can be rough. Fortunately you have the foothills 30 to 45 minutes down the mountain with great routes and warmer (and sometimes drier) winter weather. The foothills also let you get a sneak peek at spring while it's still winter in Boone and let you 'rewind' fall after the leaves are off the trees in Boone.

3. Sorry one of the posters mentioned the "redneck" cliche. If you aren't familiar with the area, images of Deliverance may be whirling through your head! Fear not. I've ridden many thousands of miles in the area since 1981 and have had no scary redneck encounters. The worst incident any of my riding buddies has had came at the hands of some punk style teenagers. Local folks are friendly and are wonderful to volunteer on the area's group rides. Both the Blue Ridge Brutal 100 and the Blood, Sweat and Gears rides would be great ways to check out the area's road cycling and see how nice folks are up here.