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Akira, share the gouge please!(7 posts)

Akira, share the gouge please!loop
Dec 2, 2001 12:03 PM
...Been scanning the photos you posted on "the other" website....

Help a brutha out, why don't ya, and share your secrets of how to satisfy the toy urge whilst maintaining marital bliss? This info will help those of us with DuraAce/Record tastes but forced Ultegra budgets (by our better halves).

She's a terrific lady, my wife, but she can't seem to understand that I NEED a tri bike, a road bike, a hardtail, a freeride, a cross and a single speed. She keeps me limited to two rigs at any given time. I won't even get into the wheelset issue.

It's a consipracy, I tell you, a conspiracy!

re: Akira, share the gouge please!Akirasho
Dec 2, 2001 12:42 PM
... well loop, tis simple... I don't have ta worry 'bout marital bliss (did once, not now).

If anything, we'll call it "transference"... It was a while ago... it was nasty (at least for me) and while I miss certain aspects... I'd rather not go down that road again. This is fundamentally my only vice (house is paid for, no kids, truck is 15 years old)... so I indulge a bit... offering rationales that, if I DID smoke or drink or party hearty... I'd end up spending 'bout the same amount of cash (in dribbles)... this seems a bit better to me (and it keeps my mind off what might have been).

On that note, I'll "advise" you the way I do a couple of my married compatriots... "Tell your wives that when you return from a 4 hour ride, at least the sweat she smells is just yours..."

Lastly, there are a few gals out there that would love to visit my basement rather than me! If you're interested, call me at 1-800-CYCLBAB or visit my site And for some of the men, share your pain on the forums at

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: Akira, share the gouge please!loop
Dec 2, 2001 12:55 PM
Didn't mean to recall any heavy memories, my friend. There are alternative plans rather than subterfuge, begging and/or the selling of one's plasma to fund new toys. My plan is simple...slowly convert the new bike into a component spec I truly want, and then use the older but still fresh components to build my wife a new bike. 'Sides, she thinks lugged steel frames with chromed stays are "cute." It'd make a helluva anniversary gift next year and buy me lots of "hubby credit."

Take care and ride warmly this winter in Ohio!

re: one other thing...Akirasho
Dec 2, 2001 1:29 PM
The collection grew over years (after the breakup)... with me being parnoid enuff never ever wanting to be without a ride (i.e. theft, repairs, etc.) so whenever I bought a new one... the old remained as backup...

Also, never underestimate the "cute" factor... One of my abovementioned compatriots elicited his wife (who is lukewarm to his cycling) to record the '01 TdF while he was away on business... she thought it was so cute and became so enthralled in the drama, that she "begged" (ok, at least wanted) him to help her buy a new road bike so they could ride a bit together... She also thinks my 'bent is cute... leave a tape of a previous TdF in the VCR and let Phil Liggett make the case...

If all else fails... Jedi mind trick...

We abide.

Remain In Light.

P.S. unlimited clear skies, no wind and temps in the 50's in December... and I spent the day getting my old beater ready for E-Check!!!!!!!!!!!!
re: one other thing...loop
Dec 2, 2001 2:28 PM
I tried the Jedi mind trick...didn't work. To quote the master: "Try not, do!" Indeed, words to live by.

In her case, however, it wasn't Snoop Phily Phil that did it. She suffered through an entire spring and summer with me locked to OLN for the classics, France, Italy and Spain.

Nope, it was OUR favorite...Hawaii IM...that got her this year. I was away on business for it's airing, and having taken a year off from racing, she knew I was pining away for my "other" love--triathlon. She's also a huge PNF fan, so she taped it for me. Whatta great wife (that and I think she thinks that Tim DeBoom is cute).


re: and yet the other one other thing... (The Other Look)Akirasho
Dec 2, 2001 4:31 PM
... speaking of DeBoom... thanks loop, you've given me a reason to post this pic!

I realize that this is a cycling forum, and we do have a Tri board (infrequently viewed or posted to) and indeed, some roadies despise triathletes... I think this qualifies for the OTHER look of '01... when after posting a truly remarkable bike leg against the legendary winds at Kona... Steve Larsen watches in awe as Tim DeBoom passes him on the run... like he was standin' still (scanned from "Triathlete" magazine (no. 213).

Still, like Lance and Jan, two great athletes with great accomplishments!

DeBoom used a custom Litespeed Blade which is unlike their current offering for general consumption...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
The Larsen Connectionloop
Dec 2, 2001 5:12 PM
Agreed, on all accounts. I've posted to the tri site before, under other assumed names. Tri remains my personal fav.

I think the antagonism between the two groups silly and counterproductive. Lest we forget, Lance began his career as an All American teen in the Iron Kids circuit. Likewise, current tri great (IM FLA winner) Spencer Smith spent a year spinning as a domestique for Linda McCartny. I say harumph to Larsen--good on him! And, I look forward to Lance's return to his roots.

Likewise, whereas tri has "borrowed" tech ideas and innovation from mtn. biking, so too has road from tri. The Cycle of Cycle Life, or so it seems.

DeBoom's switch to the Blade was interesting. He had been riding a Palmeres for a while, along with Siri and Kain. I'll be curious to see what he (they) rides next year now that Polo has dropped their triathlon affiliation. I test rode a Blade back in 99 before I settled on a Softride. What a rocket! "If you've got the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

For the really sick at heart (God bless all you freaks), I recommend endurance mtn. biking (24 Hours of Adrenaline is a true soul popper), Ultra/Ultra Ironman or mnt. biking all the 8K meter peaks.

He who dies with the most toys....