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Got the S710, and now got questions ... ? Any advise please?(8 posts)

Got the S710, and now got questions ... ? Any advise please?Frankl
Dec 1, 2001 8:31 PM
I just got the Polar S710 yesterday. I got a chance to test it out today. Now I got a couple of questions:

1. the chest transmitter can't really pick up the EKG signal. I tried moisten the transmitter with water but didn't help. I have to start riding a little and begin to sweat before it can pick up the EKG signal? any tricks? (but i really hate the idea of spiting on it ... hehe)

2. the bike mount that comes with my S710 didn't fit. it's not really the *right* shape. I can't put the reciever on the mount. anybody also experience this? exchange for a new mount? you can see from the pix.

3. anybody got the cadence sensor? any mounting tips?

4. speed sensor mounting tips?

5. IR interface tips?

thanks for helping out!
re: Got the S710, and now got questions ... ? Any advise please?cincy1
Dec 2, 2001 8:15 AM
I pass the chest sensor under the faucet briefly before putting it on. I haven't had the problem you relate. I concur on the bike mount. It's worthless. I have a small piece of black pipe insulation that fits around the handlebar. Then I strap the receiver over that. It works fine. I had to do the same with my previous Polar receiver.

I am still having difficulty with IR data transfer in a couple of functions. I can download exercise data without any problem. Uplinking custom exercises doesn't work in IR mode for some reason. I couldn't get any modes to work until I moved the IR transmitter away from my desk lamp. Too much light interferes with the data transfer. If you use the Polar Link option (sound) everything works fine. Just make sure you put the receiver by your PC speaker. The IR link is really optional.

Other than those few quibbles, I love the system. The software with it's training diary is very useful. Great for winter work on the trainer.

I didn't get the cadence or power options.
SolutionsLone Gunman
Dec 2, 2001 8:44 AM
The pipe insulation works well and absorbs road shock so the monitor is easy to read. There is guu that is sold to assist the signal of the chest strap transmitter. It is expensive for all that it is or does. You could try buying TENNS therapy gel from a medical supply store or you could make your own cheap cheap. Buy a tube of generic sex jelly (CVS or large chain house brand) squeeze enough into an empty film canister to fill about 70% of the canister, add about a table spoon full of salt to the jelly and mix it up. You now have good transmitter guu and a little dab on each side of the strap will do ya.
re: Got the S710, and now got questions ... ? Any advise please?tr
Dec 2, 2001 8:48 AM
I have a polar vantage XL, a top of line from mid 90's. As far as the EKG signal i have only suffered drop outs when near big power sources. My method for moistening that has always worked (100%) is that i lick my hand with saliva and rub it on the tranmitter pick ups. As far as the bike mount i use a earlier version that polar made (i think they still make it). It is a doughnut foam shape and wraps around the bar easily.
re: Got the S710, and now got questions ... ? Any advise please?litespeedcat
Dec 2, 2001 9:05 AM
I have an accurex plus, about 5 years old and it fits in the mount fine. You could take an exacto knife and carve the Polar logo off and then the watch would fit. That way you wouldn't have to go and buy anything.

If you are very hairy then you will need some type of conductivity gel. Personally I like the I dea of the cvs brand jelley and salt. sounds like it will work and is cheap. If you don't like the idea of sex jelly on your chest then spring for some buh-hump cream.
And now ... my questions for you...jtolleson
Dec 2, 2001 9:38 AM
FWIW, I moisten my skin, not the receiver, when strapping an HRM on, and have never had problems getting an immediate beat. That's the only of your questions I have any input on, because I don't have this puppy. I am however, considering buying it as a gift for my partner.

So, how did you choose the S710? Aren't there a couple of models that are cycling specific?

Does the speed sensor unit totally substitute for a cyclocomputer or not? That is totally unclear to me. Do you get mileage, etc. and all that stuff, or do you still need the bike computer?

And finally, I've been monitoring this thing on eBay. Where do you think I can get the best price?

Many thanks!
And now ... my questions for you...carl
Dec 2, 2001 4:24 PM
s710 is cycling specific and will do speed, distance, the same as a bike computor which is now not needed.
regarding to your questionFrankl
Dec 2, 2001 10:08 PM
i think s710 is already the best all-in-one HRM+cycling computer on the market right now. the S510 lack IR communication, altimeter, temperature, cadence and power option (like i will spend that much for it?! .. hehe) but of course, everything comes with a price, a pretty high one. and it's kind of a cool idea that i can down all my HR and cycling info on the computer and do whatever analysis you've got to do with them.

i think the cycling function of S710 can totally replace a cycling computer. it got pretty much everything (you got to pay extra for the cadence senor though). just so weird thing here or there. (to name one would be the odometer. when you reset your total exercise time or total calories, you will also reset the odometer. stuff like that)

i bought mine over at the price are better than most ($259 for s710). but after adding shipping on it, the price will be pretty the same as local store, but i save on tax. first, they said they would call me BEFORE they ship it out to confirm my order. but they didn't call me at all. well, since i didn't ship anywhere else for my s710, so i don't mind that. but just a little reminder.