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Minoura MagTurbo Ergo Trainer(3 posts)

Minoura MagTurbo Ergo TrainerJuniorRacerFL
Dec 1, 2001 5:41 PM
Hey I'm interested in getting a trainer and i kinda of want one that is cheap so nothing really good mainly because the only time i'm going to really use it is to warm up before races so im not worried about how noisy or whatever it is i just want something to get the job done. What do you think about the Minoura MagTurbo Ergo Trainer. Decent enough? Lemme know what you think.,229,238&TextMode=0
re: Minoura MagTurbo Ergo Trainerkoala
Dec 2, 2001 6:25 AM
I bought one a few weeks ago. Bought the one with a remote because it allows fine tuning of the resistance. So far its great and even a little more stable than my old one.
re: Minoura MagTurbo Ergo TrainerI Love Shimano
Dec 2, 2001 5:32 PM
I use this very same model for training. It should serve you well for wamrups. Cheap and reliable. I don't think the remote version is needed because you can fine tune resistance by shifting gears instead.

Beware of the older models (like the ones Performance sells) as a LOT of them are defective and won't last 3 hours of use.