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Any experience w/ this: police auctions. Next query: DC area(3 posts)

Any experience w/ this: police auctions. Next query: DC areaDjudd
Dec 1, 2001 1:46 PM
I want to start another project bike but want to pay as little as possible for a quality frame. After reviewing my options I thought about checking police auctions in my area (Wash DC). There are a lot of jurisdictions around here including two states, several counties and cities. I was wondering has anyone had any luck with this idea or even checked? Secondarily, has anyone in the DC area (you know who you are) done or tried this?

Thank you
re: Any experience w/ this: police auctions. Next query: DC areaDaveG
Dec 1, 2001 4:36 PM
Here in NJ, many municipalities have auctions for unclaimed retrieved bikes and other things. I've gone to several auctions with the dream of pulling off that amazing find. In general, its rusty junk (Huffy, Roadmaster, etc.) bikes and other worthless junk. Apparently, people don't leave their Colnagos and Litespeeds unclaimed. Its possible you may find a bargain. I've stopped looking there.
Dec 2, 2001 8:18 PM
I've been and found all junk, especially for road bikes. A few mid-level mt bikes may show up, just because they are so ubiquitous.

And the prices are lousy. Those bikes that should be $50 at a garage sale can sell for over $100 in an auction setting. The buyers are not necessarily knowledgable, so pricing is unpredictable. That means that even if you are looking for a beater or commuter, it isn't necessarily a screamin' deal.

I wouldn't go back.