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a few things...(1 post)

a few things...dustin
Dec 1, 2001 2:12 AM
first a rant...
ok, the other day i was going home (Fredericksburg) from school. i was tired and yadda yadda. well, i turn on to a street, come to a stop, and am about to turn left, but i see 3 cyclists coming.well, i figured i could cut them off kinda shortly, or let them pass. i let them pass...and while they were riding by, i noticed that they had some nice equipment. 2 had some aero bars, as well, and one had my LBS's jersey. so anyway, they pass, then i turn and am behind them. i notice they're kinda taking up a lot of the lane (it was a 2 lane, 2 way in one of the neighborhoods), but i don't want to speed by them and look like an asshole, so i just idled behind them assuming they'd get in a single file or move over a bit; somehow let me pass...
they didn't. instead they spread 3 wide, with about 4-5 feet between them, taking up my lane and the yellow stripe in the middle. that pissed me off. then, one of the guys gets down in the aeros, and drops into some rather large gear. his legs were barely churning, and i doubt he was struggling 'cause he was looking at his buddies and smiling/laughing. he didn't go any faster either, so that negated my theory that they were gonna let me pass. finally they turned. i felt like pulling beside them and asking if they always ride 3 wide and take up half the road. you'd think they'd know better with their equipment and the guy's Hill Country Bicycle Works jersey. or am i in the wrong?

next, i decided on Italy. also decided not to get a new bike (...instead i'm asking for a new fork for Christmas, and i'm see if my dad will get me some wheels.) though, i am gonna be getting an On-One Inbred singlespeed pretty soon, but that's relatively cheap. anywho, would it be wise taking my bike with me to Italy, or would i be better off leaving it home? the trip's gonna be like 2 months, and i'm plan on traveling a lot of it, but also riding. i'm just not sure how i want to do that. what's it like taking a bike on a plane? is it even possible to take it on the EuroRail? any help would be just dandy...

finally, my twinkie had mold on it...i thought they had a never-ending shelf life?