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Nov 30, 2001 5:36 PM
I've been planning on building up a time trial bike for some time and after spending many hours searching, I finally decided to go with a GT Vengeance frame because of a lack in funds (I'm a student. Also, I know that they are not UCI legal, but I don't race UCI races.) and because I really like the frames. I've seen these framesets sell for very cheap on EBAY and I found a web page selling them for $350, but they were currently out of stock. This is where I need help. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a Vengeance frame(set) besides Ebay because I don't feel like waiting around for the next auction and I would also like to open up my options (people tend to overpay on Ebay once they get into the swing of an auction).

Nov 30, 2001 6:09 PM
Also, if any of you guys (or gals) own a GT Vengeance, can you give me your opinion on it?

... you probably saw this coming...Akirasho
Nov 30, 2001 8:15 PM
... I bought mine on an impulse.

The bare frame(650C)/fork(Kinesis aero aluminium) had been hanging in a semi local bike shop for months. One week, I decided that if was still there the next time I popped in, I'd buy it... another couple of months went by... then I saw the bike in an old copy of "Cycle Sport" magazine... and took a drive... it was still there.

Oddly enough, I'd purchased a P2K months before... and had just finished building an Airborne Spectre when this occured. Can't get much more impulsive than that.

Well, I've not put too many miles on it but so far, so good. The geometry is close to the P2K... and both have similar top tube lengths (both are 60cm frames). Aside from aesthetics, the GT sports a shorter headtube (1") which is a bit of a stretch (at the moment) for me, but doable.

Outfitted as seen, it works well for it's intended purpose (time trials). The aerodynamics of the frame are arguably as good as the P2K, but as you stated, it's not UCI legal and no longer made (some one musta bought out a batch?). Likewise, I'm not gonna do a UCI sanctioned event and don't care... the bike looks so damned bitchin'! Horizontal rear dropouts allow you to fine tune a bit. It went together without a hitch save for the proprietary post and saddle clamp. You'll need extreloooong allens (5mm if I remember) to make the adjustments. Once snugged up (after a bit of fidgeting) it holds the setting well.

And, while I thought I was getting a deal, you've got me beat! Frame and fork were about $800. I upgraded to the Ouzo Pro Aero (sweet). The whole package will have me paying the debt for a bit longer...

I see a couple guys locally who ride 'em though I never asked them where they got 'em.

We abide.

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