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Racing Wheels???(4 posts)

Racing Wheels???ken425
Nov 30, 2001 10:26 AM
I am currently using a pair of Mavic CXP 21 rims (32 hole) with Ultegra hubs to train on. I have been considering buying a pair of Shimano 535 wheels to race and train on. They appear to be more aerodynamic and lighter, but the hubs are 105. Any thoughts on this? Or any ideas about an upgrade to my wheelset that won't break the bank? (I race triathlons, but ride a road bike.)
re: Racing Wheels???TJeanloz
Nov 30, 2001 10:43 AM
The Shimano 535 isn't going to offer you a significant advantage over the CXP21/Ultegra combo. It is a little bit deeper at the rim- but not a lot, and I doubt they're lighter. We weighed them against a Veloce hub/CXP 21 wheel and the weight was really close (within 25g). If the alternative is the 535, I'd say stick with what you've got.

In other wheels, the Mavic Cosmic Elite is worth looking at-30mm rim, bladed spokes, Mavic sealed bearings, for as little as $300.
re: Racing Wheels???jkh
Nov 30, 2001 3:35 PM
Try Velomax Circut Comp. They are light, strong and cheap. You can get a pair of them from for $350.00.
some insight on the 535'stacoShoppe
Dec 2, 2001 1:28 AM
i have a pair of the 535's and they are definitely not light racing wheels, great training wheels though as shimano's claim about them staying true is quite accurate. I have trued them once for initial tensioning and that's it, pot holes, jumping curbs, light dirt trails, can't put a wobble on these wheels.

The problems w/ the 535's is that they're quite hard to true. The nipples are at the hub and requires a special spoke wrench to reach the spokes on the rear drive side. The other spokes can be trued by carefully manipulating a small adjustable wrench. And unfortunely unlike the ultegra and DA wheels shimano does not include the spoke wrench w/ the 535. If you're going to buy a set, get a couple spoke wrenches from your dealers (they're small and easy to lose). the other problem with these wheels is the placement of the head of the spokes requires special care toward the placement of the brake pads. And worn pads must be replace before the tap on the brake calipers break through the elbows of the spokes.

i would agree on the circuit comp's, great wheels, velomax does a great job of building them, and they're actually lighter than the Dura Ace clincher wheels by 15 grams. I have a set of the accent comps as my race wheels and they hold up pretty well. I like them so much that i lend out my training wheels and ride around on the accents for weeks at a time.