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Has anyone ordered a bike from R&A Cycle?(6 posts)

Has anyone ordered a bike from R&A Cycle?CO man
Nov 29, 2001 1:45 PM
2 of 'emterry brownell
Nov 29, 2001 8:08 PM
Colnago and Pinarello.

Good prices.

Excellent workmanship on the build (one Chorus, one Record.)

Excellent delivery time (1 week on the Colnago, 1 month on the Pinarello due to ordering time on the frame. Completely up front on how long it would take.) Best packing job of any bike I have ever received via mail order (these were #s 6 and 7)

Medium on the post sale service. So-so on answering email, excellent when talking on the phone.

Will absolutely buy another one from them in the future.
Got a C-dale from them.javagenki
Nov 29, 2001 9:24 PM
I mail ordered from them a few years ago when I was living in Japan. They didn't have enough right side brake shoes, so they put a lefty on backward and sent me the bike. I rolled out of the parking lot, hit the brakes and launched one of the brake pads onto the pavement. I ended up having to turn the shoe upside down to make it work. They were the old Record shoes with the wings. It looked dumb but worked okay. They also built the front wheel with the wrong number of spokes. I called, and they said they would send me the right parts. They never did, and I went on with my life. This was a built to order, $3500 bike. They didn't seem to have any problem messing up the order and then blowing me off. I bought my next 2 bikes from someone else.
If you're talking about the shop in Brooklyn,cyclinseth
Nov 30, 2001 6:36 AM
I live down the street from them and been in there a number of times. Their product is completely top-of-the-line. All but one of the people who work there are AROGANT ELITIST PRICKS!!!! After my own personal experience with those a$$holes and hearing some of my female friend's experiences I will not set foot in that shop. I wouldn't even buy a patch kit from them. I've heard rumors that their mechanical service is of dubious quality.

But I suppose if you're going mail-order, then you don't have to deal with their personalities.
I agree with Sethnigel
Nov 30, 2001 7:49 AM
I lived in Brooklyn for years, and I've had the exact same in-store experiences--I thought maybe it was only ME! The owner, Phil, couldn't care LESS about a bike, a customer, pricing, or anything. He'd seen me plenty of times (I went into the store a number of times with/without other people), and never remembered me. The people there basically leave you alone to either buy or not buy (you could probably even walk out of the store with some goods if you really wanted to--and I was tempted to, believe me!).

An ex-girlfriend of mine (who was well known on the scene) got screwed a couple of times by getting Casatis from them; they told her three weeks--it wound up being closer to two months, and with merely an insincere apology. Why she insisted on riding those damned frames is beyond me.

Mail-order may be different, but knowing the group there as well as I do--unfortunately--I'd say to steer clear. If you're looking for a Casati, though, they may be the sole distributors in the country, so you may be stuck with them. Surely, though, there are plenty of comparable or better bikes out there than Casatis, no?

Best of luck,
R&A - Casati'smmaggi
Nov 30, 2001 8:20 AM
I've been there 2 times. It's an old shop in Brooklyn. What's amazing about the place is the Pinarellos, Colnagos and Castis hanging off the ceiling when you walk in. If that isn't enough, then the high end components on display make you think you died and went to cycling heaven. They seem to be somewhat layed back. When I asked questions I got good responses without much attitude. They are most definitely over priced. What a rip off, really. They've been in business for quite some time (I believe since the early 70s) so you'd figure their overhead isn't that bad especially when you consider the neighborhood the shop is located (not the best in Brooklyn).

R&A is NOT the exclusive importer of Casati frames. They used to be, but since last year that honor belongs to Chainwheel in Little Rock, Arkansas ( I purchased a Casati Forma (frame, carbon fork and matching Deda stem) from Chainwheel last year and was pleased. Great frame. Rides just like a high end aluminum frame should and has a beautiful paint job. I still get compliments for it.

At that time, if I would've purchased the same Casati frame, fork and stem from R&A, it would've cost me easily 50% more. They really rip people off.

My advice is to shop around. You'll definitely find better prices elsewhere. The internet can be a great shopping tool. Use it to your advantage.