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Sidi Techno Opinions?(12 posts)

Sidi Techno Opinions?Velocipedio
Nov 29, 2001 12:38 PM
I'm shopping for a new pair of road shoes. My old Diadoras are frankly worn out [technically, they were worn out at the beginning of last year, but I won't go there] and I've been shopping around.

The shoes that fit me the best so far are the Sidi Technos [the one with one microlock buckle and one techno buckle]. The shop [not my usual LBS] is asking $200 Canadian [about $125 US]. I am impressed with the sole and the fit, but I have some reservations. First of all, I've never owned a pair of Sidis, secondly I've never owned a pair of buckle/ratchet shoes and thirdly, I'm not overly enamoured of the colour [light metallic blue].

Now, I could live with the colour, and they really do fit rather well... But I'd like to know how durable these shoes are, and how durable and problem-free the buckle system is. My Diadoras have lasted four years [something like 38,000 km] and I'd like to get at least a couple of years out of $200/$120 shoes.

Sidi makes a tough shoe,TJeanloz
Nov 29, 2001 12:44 PM
Consider that Sidi's other main line is motorcycle/motocross boots, and the cycling shoes seem pretty tough. I can't speak to how much the color matters to you- it means almost everything to me. Fit is, as usual, the most important thing in my book.

As for the buckles, they're very tough- probably as long-lasting as Velcro, and if they do break, replacements are easily available from your Sidi dealer.
re: Sidi Techno Opinions?patrick
Nov 29, 2001 12:52 PM
I recently purchased a pair of these from (total price, delivery and all, $149). I've put about 150 miles on them so far. Up to this point they have been GREAT.

This is no surprise to me because I have ridden Sidi before, and feel them to be the best shoe available (at least for me). I've ridden Diadora, Time, Alpinestars and others, and have found nothing as good as Sidi (although the Times were very good).

I was hesitant on the whole micro buckle thing too, but have really fallen in love with it. I can't speak to the longevity, but my experience is that Sidi products are top, top notch.

As location, location, location is the doctrine in real estate, I feel that for cycling shoes it's fit, fit, fit. If you find a shoe that really fits, buy it.

I am a big supporter of LBS, but due to the huge price difference, I could not pass up buying them on the web. If this is an option for you, check out as they have a wide variety of colors.
They are good. Try Genius 3s.Sintesi
Nov 29, 2001 1:28 PM
You can find these on closeout from time to time at Colorado Cyclist or Excel. I paid $90 for mine but I regularly see them for about $130 this time of year. I prefer the dual velcro straps and micro-buckle because it's so easy to adjust while riding.
They are good. Try Genius 3s.TheMaxx
Nov 29, 2001 3:02 PM
I just got some Genius 3's from a LBS for $109. It looks like everyone is trying to get rid of last years.
If you're looking for shoes...Al Bundy
Nov 29, 2001 2:39 PM
I know they suck, but Nashbar
has some good deals on shoes right now:

Time Equipe Pro Cx - $129.00
Diadora Stratos - $126.26
Sidi Genius 3(Mega and Mesh too) - $149.00

they have a good range of sizes still available.

the Time shoes are the best deal by far.
Nov 29, 2001 4:55 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by "techno".... maybe the energy?

I have a pair of energy- and I love the no-velcro- the ratchet and dials are great for adjusting while riding, and there is no velcro to collect "stuff." My old shoes had velcro, and the stitching started coming apart at the velcro (from tugging the straps off a million times). I don't anticipate this will be a problem as there is NO stitching. Also, all the parts, while rather expensive, are user replaceable. I have no complaints.
Nov 30, 2001 7:16 AM
The Techno is a discontinued model that was the predecessor to the Shadow, which was the predecessor to the Energy.
Nov 30, 2001 7:38 AM
This is what I don't understand... The pair are new, the packaging looks like 2001 packaging and the colour -- ice blue, I believe -- is a 2001 colour. Yet there is no mention of this model on either the Sidi USA or Sidi Italian Web site. Is it possible that this is a Canada-only model?

To tell the truth, I prefer they buckle layout to that on the Energy, and the only OTHER difference is that it doesn't have the Energy's sole stiffening doohickey...
Nov 30, 2001 8:06 AM
It's actually a pretty old shoe. Brand new, of course. Shops have to buy a size run of shoes, and don't typically sell all the sizes- especially if you're at one extreme. Ice Blue as a color scheme comes and goes; the shoe is a few years old- but perfectly good.
Nov 30, 2001 5:28 PM

I sent an e-mail to the folks at Sidi, and it seems the techno's last year was 1999. All things considered, I think the shop could give me a better price. The MSRP in 1999 was @ $250 Canadian; the shop wants $200 Canadian. I can do better. I was G3s or G4s, anyway...

At least I know my size in Sidi... and that they fit VERY well.
Been riding with a set for several years nowNessism
Nov 29, 2001 5:34 PM
They are great shoes. The buckles have held up great as have the uppers. Honestly, I can't imagine ever wearing out the upper. The only problem I've had are that the sole seperated from the upper in the heal of both shoes. A little shoe goo solved the problem although I think it is a little strange that both seperated in the same way. My old Genius 2's did not have this problem. Maybe this is due to the way I pedal? Overall though, I have had good service life out of them. I will buy Sidi again when these wear out.