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using trainer during winter months(2 posts)

using trainer during winter monthscolosipm
Nov 29, 2001 5:50 AM
I'm a triathlete and have both a road bike, with normal road geometry, and a tri bike, with a steeper seat tube angle.

I was wondering which would be better to train on indoors. I'm training specifically for triathlons, but have heard that road bikes give a better workout because they involve more muscles.

Any suggestions?
My suggestionnigel
Nov 29, 2001 7:31 AM
A couple of questions:

Do you ride the tri bike as much as the road bike? I'd suggest using the bike which you ride on more often.

Which is more comfortable? Use that one.

Will you be time trialling on your trainer? If so, then by all means use the tri bike to work on your aero tuck.

I'm not sure which uses more muscles, but one generally does specific training on a trainer. If you're doing hill-type rides (big gears or more resistance), sprint-type workouts, or just spinning for recovery, then I'd suggest using the road bike. If you're doing specific time trial training, then you should use your tri bike, since you should be training yourself for riding distances in that position on that bike. Train for specificity by using the bike that fits the workout.

I hope this helps.