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Any tips for speed???(5 posts)

Any tips for speed???kushogun
Nov 27, 2001 4:07 PM
Hey all! How is everyone doing with the Midwest being swept up with some frigid temperatures. Went for a ride this morning in a very lovely 29 degrees with a stout 16-20 mph swirling wind. Nippy to say the least. Anyways, had a question for all you speed demons out there... Granted Kansas isn't really known for steep decents, which aid in great speeds, however, I can never seem to get my top speed much above the 37-40 mph even on fairly steep decents. I am 143lbs, so i'm not falling like a lead weight, but I thought I could achieve greater speeds than this. I get in as aero, or at least what I percieve as aero, position as possible. I move my hands towards the stem/bar clamp, and flatten my torso out, to where my chin is hovering an inch or so above the spacer stack (elbows tucked). I pull my knees towards the center and turn over a fairly big gear. Still can't seem to attain the coveted 50 mph. Should I work on muscle resistance, building larger muscle mass so I can turn over the 53-11 at like 100 rpm? Or should I concentrate more on body position. I ride Ksyriums, not the most aero wheelset, but not a fan either. Any tips would be much appreciated. Happy riding and stay warmer than I did this morning.
Unless you find a steeper hill...Dutchy
Nov 27, 2001 4:26 PM
If you can't get over 80kph/50mph it is probably the hill. The hill, out my front door will get me up to about 70 kph
I can't go any faster, it just isn't steep enough. To go faster the hill needs to get steeper at the bottom.
This hill is the same gradient the whole way, so when I hit 70kph the wind resistance stops me going any faster.

I hit 70kph ~4 times per week and it doesn't feel that fast, but last week I found a hill and I hit 83kph and that
actually felt dangerous, I was glad to slow before the bend at the bottom.

Sorry but I think you will have to look for some steeper hills.

Got Mtns?grzy
Nov 27, 2001 5:50 PM
If you don't have a pitch approaching 10% (or more) or a stiff tail wind you are going to have a tough time hitting 50 mph. The only other thing is to run a 53/11 and grow some big quads and find a roadie-god to draft so that you can sling-shot.

Come to Northern California the mountains here let guys hit 60+ mph for thousands of vertical feet - 50 mph is fairly conservative, but safer. The Markleeville Death Ride (in July) lets you do this on a closed road, but with lots of other riders. Both sides of Monitor Pass are good, Ebbetts is very risky, and Carson (not closed) is a hoot if you have any energy left. You really don't need to do an event - there is a ton of stuff whereever there are mountains - all it takes is some cajones, judgement, and luck. Like the ad says, you'll swear you're flying, unitl you crash and then you'll just swear. There is a ton of good stuff in the rockies as well. You want big shoulders and long shots with clear sight lines. Carry a copy of your medical card - learned that one the hard way.
Motorpacing the Tornadochar
Nov 27, 2001 10:20 PM
As a resident for a brief spell in the state just north of you [Nebraska], I managed to attain speeds in excess of 50 mph on the flats. Here's 2 ways.

1. Wait for Tornado Season. Ride west to anticipate possible tornados, turn east (or downwind) and try and outrun them. Lightning, Thunder, Rain, and Hail do make you ride faster. Most people aren't ready for Wizard of Oz part 2, so...

2. Get behind loaded [the truck] 18 wheelers as they pull out of the only stop sign in town, they have to go thru all the gears, it takes about a 1/4 mile to get up to 50 mph just like in the movie "Breaking Away." This does work.

I'm back in Norcal (Bay area), 50 mph no problem to reach on the frontage road next to Hwy 101, which is going about 5 mph.

You don't need an 11 sprocket either, this is way too big for the flats, just spin up a 13 tooth gear.
re: Any tips for speed???Ken
Nov 28, 2001 8:27 AM
Shave your legs and arms.