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Cowboy Cofee or Folgers ? ...(14 posts)

Cowboy Cofee or Folgers ? ...breck
Nov 27, 2001 10:26 AM
soree, but the chain's slipping on my rear brain cog este dias. wake up or drink more cafe but stay awake cause oft thought thoughts are comin' soon, i.e, now!

It's *Intellectually Entertaining* now-a-days to ease drop on net conversations regarding one's interests. Guns, Bibles, and Bikes for instance. Guns are always an explosive topic and many have gotten their heads blown off discussing it. Same with the Bible, et. al., all Supreme Being Principia. My God can whip your God, by god! Bike topics can combine all three.

To wit or lack of itt: By God I'd rather be shot dead rather than ride aluminum nipples. God made cartridge cases outta brass one day and bike nipples the next. "Yah gotta lot of brass ryddin alum nipps in this bike club, bub", she said with the conviction of

Are you incessantly giving advice based on some bard's oft read tome. Did yah ride yer bike 10K miles that one year and thank you know it all. That one bike; those specific components; those worn out grooves on those old Roosevelt's CCP roads repeated like an old Gattling gun over and over again. Did yah work at the bike shop and get tired of repeat customers only being those that continued to be-devil you by destroying your best hand-built wheels for the towns folk at Salem, Mass. It's the devil's work shop they would say, knowingly. Well did yah, Pilgrum?

Do you give advice you don't follow. Do you ever know what the hell you are preaching. Why does the .303 Enfield out shoot the .300 mags at 2300 yards at Bisley. Harmonics and flex they say but what the hell does that mean? Esoteric teko-weenie dribble but never answers *the* question.

What the hell did old Shel think he was doin trying to replace the American Icon Vette with mix-n-match parts. Who the hell would buy a Ranchero back in '57 or an El Camino in '59, and why an SUV now. Why now brown cow the old steer wuld say wishin he were a bull.

Should you ever enjoy a carbon bike, alum nipps, Ti spokes and chain, even for a demo at Nytro. Why do all the locals who *have to* have dependable transportation hitch hike 60 miles round trip to buy at K-Mart ...and that's a damn fact.

Everyone on this freaking board has money to burn and useless time to spend doin the good cop bad cop routine and being suspect of every one practicing with out the license. Are you guilt as sin or sinfully guilty. The newbie was a wolf in sheeps clothing he would say. The experts have become conservative in their old age. They once lived the wild life but now prefer old oak spoke'd wooden rockers.

What's your blend, Folgers or cowboy coffee wade kelly would ask big ring. they didn't ride that much any more but preferred to remember the old days when their words counted. they would dream about the wild mustangs of their youth while feeding the gentle mare in the pasture. the smooth flow concertina like movement of the club ride in the high mountains replaced by squirting some old motorcycle oil on the well worn bike chain with seat tube frozen by the jaws of the old stand like a death grip not wanting to let go of their memories the three of them together spent such long hours at on that stump between the "a" and the "t". genetic enginnering changed all that and they cloned a super biker from dna mix-n-matchin the most useful body parts in Olympia 2025 ...neuromancer indeed!

"Tho 'i walk with fifty 'ousemaids outer
Chelsea to the Strand,
An' they talks a lot o' lovin', but wot do they

Beefy face an' grubby 'and -
Law! wot do they understand?
I've neater, sweeter maiden in a cleaner,
greener land!
On the road to Mandalay ..."
-Rudyard Kipling (1890)

cowboy coffee...
one pound Folgers & one quart water.
boil one hour, throw in the horse shoe
if it don't float, it ain't ready
biggest mistake the tenderfoote makes
is adding too much water.
-wade kelly, big ring, maverick,
aka -breck

yeah i know, i know! butt your gonna miss me when i'm gone and do gotta go you know. Cheers to all in alpha order. and very special cheers to those very special posters and you know who you are. adios muchachos & muchachas & nd all y'all other MF's Lefty would say ridin' off in search of Pancho somewhere's down in Mexico. Willie uses an old short necked Martin with the Classical strings you know to get that tone ...angel flyin too close to the ground, indeed. i sat in his barber's chair once in conroe, texas but did he ever shave? hell no.

cheers all!
You gotta lay off the crack man...(nm)Former Troll
Nov 27, 2001 10:31 AM
best post of the week (nm)gtx
Nov 27, 2001 11:09 AM
Someone picked the wrong week to stop sniff'n gluediaper gravy
Nov 27, 2001 11:11 AM
Gracias breck Hombre! nmMB1
Nov 27, 2001 11:16 AM
Can I get an Amen? (nm)mickey-mac
Nov 27, 2001 11:16 AM
Amen brother! nmMB1
Nov 27, 2001 11:18 AM
SHANE!!! COME BACK, SHANE!!!rollo tommassi
Nov 27, 2001 12:26 PM
Can't say I understand much of that, but it sure was great writing.

pax vobiscum, fellow traveler.....
WHEW!!! I feel like you just slipped me some LSD.Mike P
Nov 27, 2001 12:56 PM
Another thing about cowboy coffee. . . It's always better if you toss in a little dirt from the area about the campfire; you know, to blend the flavor of the coffee with the ambiance of the surroundings. And like my Pappy used to say, "Don't ya go a countin yer chickens fore they all dun crossin that thair road."

Take care,
Ya gotta smile nmMel Erickson
Nov 27, 2001 1:58 PM
Make mine Starbuck's French Roast please...STEELYeyed
Nov 27, 2001 2:20 PM
in a turkish coffee pot,simmer it to 210 degrees and filter through a linen cloth. It takes a little longer but worth it,great post Breck,could not have said it any better myself.........classic.
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...nmmr_spin
Nov 27, 2001 2:42 PM
Gonna miss ya........Len J
Nov 27, 2001 2:45 PM
hope there's blue skies & smooth roads where you are goin. Hope you don't stay away too long. Hope you stay well.

It's been good knowin ya.


P.S. I'll miss your perspective.
i'm gonna stich that on a sampler! (nm)sorghum
Nov 27, 2001 3:43 PM