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What's it worth? Bridgestone RB2 early 90's(7 posts)

What's it worth? Bridgestone RB2 early 90'sBirddog
Nov 27, 2001 7:40 AM
A friend of mine now deceased, had a Bridgestone RB2 that the widow wants to sell. It is a 54 cm and is Blue and White. It has a single chainring and 8 speed rear cassette. The paint is average, and he put some flames on the top tube to cover old damage. It is in good mechanical shape with decent wheels, I forget just what they are. The bike had sat outside for some time before he obtained it. I've been checking Ebay for a couple of months and no RB2's seem to come up. I'm in a ticklish situation, the widow said, "just pay me what you think it is worth, I know you'll be fair". Please give me some help here, in dollars and cents please.

I'd rather be rolling in deer guts,
considering that:Rusty McNasty
Nov 27, 2001 8:29 AM
the bike has been converted to a single ring (why?? what happened to the original??), and that there is 'damage' being covered up, I wouldn't pay more than $100. Who knows whether the thing has been maintained?
If he was your friendDA
Nov 27, 2001 8:39 AM
he surely would have wanted you to have it- for free. No?
Go to the expertsscottfree
Nov 27, 2001 8:48 AM
Send an email to with 'subscribe' in the subject line. This will join you up with the Bridgestone Owners Bunch, a legendary group of retro riders who have a listserv email discussion group. Sheldon Brown in a regular contributor. Bridgestones are their reason for existence, and they can tell you an exact price -- and will probably buy it from you. (There's no restriction on 'for sale' items in that group.

That said, a Bridgestone RB2 in good shape can go for several hundred. This one sounds like something less than that, maybe a hundred, one-fifty.
re: What's it worth? Bridgestone RB2 early 90'scioccman
Nov 27, 2001 9:23 AM
Sorry, can't tell you what it's worth, however, in their day, they were a decent bike. I had one, not early 90s though. Mine was around a 1986. I also rode a Bridgestone MB1 for a long time. Good stuff. Thanks for the memories.
Buried Treasure ? ...breck
Nov 27, 2001 9:26 AM
Buried Treasure

A 54 may (or may not) be a hard sell for lots of pilgrums actually able to ride it. However, Bridgestone's have wandered into the collectible area so anything goes, etc. A blue-sky-estimate would be $100 to $350 dependent upon condition and someone on scottfree's list that has the *need to have it* Can you find the owner's manual; brochure; original sales receipt; etc.? ...double the price and don't laff, at least not out loud.

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Bet you would roll in them gutz, huh :) mee too.

re: What's it worth? Bridgestone RB2 early 90'swalter
Nov 27, 2001 10:00 AM
As a "collectible" this particular Bridgestone won't attract a whole lot of interest. Parts are no longer original and most importantly the original finish has been damaged and modified. Unfortunately that takes it out of the collectors pool. A Bridgestone collector might make a low offer to acquire the frame as a project.

If you weren't in such a delicate situation I'd say come in real low. Obviously, not a good idea here. Other estimates of 100-150$ are fair to your friend's widow and shouldn't bother your conscience at all. If that seems low go to $200. IMO that is more than a stranger would pay and since it'll allow you to keep a real symbolic piece of a lost friend it would truly be money well spent.

My .02