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KHS Aero Comp(5 posts)

KHS Aero CompVetteRacer
Nov 27, 2001 1:34 AM
Anyone ever owned or ridden one of these? I am looking at a 96, bent seat tube, etc. The bike looks beautiful, both in design and shape.

This will be my first road bike if I get it, its Ultegra 8 speed drivetrain with dia-comp brakes. Also has Computer w/cadence and bolt on aero bars, and Frogs.

In addition to reviews/opinions I would like to know fair price for the bike. I know I will probably have to put a new stem on, unless by some maricle the current stem fits me right.

If anyone has pics of this bike I would like to see them, email em if you want.
Thanks in advanced
re: KHS Aero CompPatM
Nov 27, 2001 4:20 AM
I have a 99 aero comp, no bent seat tube or anything, normal geometry. I picked mine up from last August. All ultegra with velocity aerohead rims. I can't complain about the bike at all, I did three centuries this year and about 4700 miles total without any kind of major failure. My frame is Reynolds 853 with a carbon fiber fork, rides very well. I paid 1200 new for mine.
I got one too from GVH.Zignzag
Nov 27, 2001 9:31 AM
It's an excellent value and a great bike for long distance riding. I've done 9 double centuries on mine. The 853 frame and carbon fiber fork really soak up vibrations. The fork is a little flexy, though. Might want to get a stiffer one if he weighs over 180 lbs.
Concerning the price...Zignzag
Nov 27, 2001 1:59 PM
My '99 was $1200 so I'm guessing a '96 sold for about $900 to $1000. Since it's 5 years old it's probably worth about a third of that if it's in good condition. So maybe $300 or a bit more if there are extras. And don't buy it if it doesn't fit.
Original Retail was...VetteRacer
Nov 27, 2001 2:39 PM
$1500, seen places online that listed them at about $1800 (old listings for the 96).
He gave me a 97 Road Bike Buyers guide that has a little article in it, says good things about it.
I have an email into KHS asking what "Large" is considered, I got measured yesterday and we came up with 58cm. Going to do a test ride on the bike this weekend hopefully, see how it feels on a somewhat long ride. After I get it (if I do) local shop has a stem tool to help figure out length and angle and all that, I will use that and buy a new stem if needed.

He had mentioned about $600, (thats what he wants for his Eddy Merckx too) and I told him I saw one online for $450, so he said when the time comes (I have to save up for a few months to afford it) we can figure out a price. It has frogs on it, which is the pedal of choice for me, its what I use on my MTN bike and untill I can get a road pair of shoes thats the cleat I will have. Has Syntace Aero Bars, compter with cadence. Aero bars I probably wouldnt do myself (have to try them out to see if I like em) but the computer with cadence i would want on a bike.

BTW it has an Alum fork, and I weigh ~150.