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Rec ABICI Starship tubing framset today(1 post)

Rec ABICI Starship tubing framset todayRay Still
Nov 26, 2001 10:44 AM
Just wanted to past this along, but before I do I'm not saying anything is wrong with whatever frame a person chooses the dialog below is just my own (nobodys) observation. now that is out of the way.
Ordered a brand new ABICI (starship tubing) framset a couple of weeks ago they are produced by klein as most of you know which as been bought by trek however all RD is remaing at the klein facility in Washington state.
Abici was trying to get riders on their frames ( they have several pros Danny pate etc Roy knickman is part owner of the company. anyways the frameset with Reynolds ozu pro full carbon fork for $600.00 regular price $1500-1600 It has a slight compact geometrey the the top tube is minus 3 degrees when I opened the box very impressed all oval aero tubing oversised 11/8 headtube great looking welds a nice schwinn or powder blue there are quite a few graphics the for is painted blue at the crowns and fades to natural at the bottom. the frame is light I mean light they say frame and fork 2.3lbs I believe it again it is light. Just wanted to pass this on but again the true test will come on the road but again for $600 I figured I couldn't go wrong.

Ray Still