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surly, you must be joking(27 posts)

surly, you must be jokingJs Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:37 AM
i'm not joking, and don't call me surlyJs Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:38 AM
you can tell me, i'm a doctorJs Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:40 AM
There's been a little problem in the cockpit, and I was . . .Js Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:41 AM
the point?dude
Nov 26, 2001 10:43 AM
there is a photo gallery, you know
just some bike p0rn, i don't post eye candy often. nmJs Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:45 AM
Need to roll it around in the mud some first! nmMB1
Nov 26, 2001 10:55 AM
The cockpit--what is it?Js Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:43 AM
Joey, you like movies about gladiators?Js Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 10:44 AM
ever been in a Turkish prison?.....IAmtnbikr
Nov 26, 2001 11:36 AM
ever seen a grown man, naked? nmDog
Nov 26, 2001 11:38 AM
"flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle,...Js Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 11:50 AM
...just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes."
Get that finger out of your ear!mr_spin
Nov 26, 2001 12:08 PM
You don't know where that finger's been!
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue! nmDog
Nov 26, 2001 12:27 PM
Crashes hurt more. (nm)grzy
Nov 27, 2001 10:59 AM
Haven't you gotten that thing fixed yet?MB1
Nov 26, 2001 10:53 AM
i'm really, actually, literally saving PENNIES...Js Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 11:08 AM
to get that merckx paid for before i'm fifty. should be done around june or july, fully dressed.

before i get that thing fixed i have to come up with the dough for a new saddle. the specialized BGCs are killing me, and the concor on this baby did a number on my butt in just 30 miles. i'm thinking brooks (not flame bait!), just have to come up with a little cash first.
too badDog
Nov 26, 2001 11:11 AM
Too bad you have to spend all available cash on new Brooks Brothers suits, shirts, and ties. :-(

that's it, rub it in, why don'cha? nmJs Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 11:14 AM
Get Over It.grzy
Nov 26, 2001 1:03 PM
You got a new bike - go into the bathroom and toss-off or something.

So, what else do you like about yourself that you'd like to share with the class?

Talk about being a self indulgent yuppie.

BTW - the best things in life aren't things.
LOL! score one for the ol' curmudgeonnm
Nov 27, 2001 9:49 AM
Okay nowKristin
Nov 26, 2001 1:26 PM
When I posted pictures of the DB, you guys jumped up and down, threw your hands in the air and said that my seat to bar height--at 5.5 inchs--was way extreme. Some even acused me of messing it up in a crash (which I didn't). Isn't anyone going to comment on the--what looks like a 7+ inch--drop on Haiku's rig? Man, does your neck hurt?
BTW - congrats on the bike. I know you're enjoying it! (nm)Kristin
Nov 26, 2001 1:27 PM
Yeah, but you're a girl!mr_spin
Nov 26, 2001 4:36 PM
And girls clearly know nothing about bikes. Haiku on the other hand, is a man, and therefore is totally knowledgeable on all things mechanical. He can probably kill spiders, too.

:) :) :)
Hey! I can kill spiders!Kristin
Nov 27, 2001 10:36 AM
A can of aresole and a cigarette lighter work famously with good distance coverage.
I'm with you there! nmMB1
Nov 26, 2001 6:05 PM
That's the first thing I thought, too, but, in our defense,bill
Nov 27, 2001 11:05 AM
I don't think that it's just a male/female bad assumption thing. Kristin, as we all know, is pretty new to this stuff (not so new anymore) and was learning about fit, so if her drop distance was large, we would have less confidence that it is something that she considered and intended. JS has several bikes, so we think that, if he wants to kill himself, it's his business.
As I write this, I see that it is ridiculous. My apologies to Kristin.
JS, what's up with the drop?