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Clipless pedals problem(5 posts)

Clipless pedals problemJohn-d
Nov 26, 2001 7:41 AM
I have tried clipless pedals, but there is a problem. Riding seems OK but when I unclip, the rotation stress causes my knees to ache, even with the lightest release setting.

I have tried rotating both outwards and inwards to unclip, either way causes problems with aches. It is particularly noticeable when unclipping in a hurry. Any ideas? I have in the meantime gone back to toe clips and straps and the ache in my knees has gone away.
Nov 26, 2001 7:48 AM
try spraying dry teflon lube on the pedals and cleats

What pedals are you using?

If it continues, you may want to try Speedplays - no release effort at all.

Nov 26, 2001 7:57 AM
I tried them out at LBS who set them up with regard to foot position and saddle height etc. Rode them about 2 miles round their test loop and they were ok but when I did repeated unclips at various settings back at the shop the knee problem came to light. I know I have to be careful to avoid this anyway.

The pedals were Shimano - don't know which model, but they were recommended with plenty of float. They did try spraying but by that time the knees were in trouble.

Who makes speedplays?

Thanks for the help

Nov 26, 2001 8:06 AM
re: Clipless pedals problemmorey
Nov 26, 2001 8:08 AM
I use Speedplay X2, have had knee problems-theses solved my knee problems.