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Columbus Altec 2 Plus V's Easton Elite(3 posts)

Columbus Altec 2 Plus V's Easton EliteSpdemon
Nov 25, 2001 10:52 PM
What tubing should i be using for my new frame, anyone got any suggestions what the better tubing is, Columbus Altec 2 Plus or Easton elite. Tubing to be aero variety.
re: Columbus Altec 2 Plus V's Easton EliteJohn-d
Nov 26, 2001 2:38 AM
Surely bikes are a bit like women/men/people, not so much the construction materials but how they are put together.

And of course, the use to which you are going to put it, weekend recreation or do you have something more serious in mind. If you are going to hire it out then you want something pretty rugged and tough.

The most important thing is design and pedigree. Get that right and you will achieve years of satisfaction.
The tubes do matterNessism
Nov 26, 2001 6:53 AM
While I agree that construction is important, the tubes make the frame. As long as the builder doesn't botch the assembly, frames made from the same tube set should ride the same.
Keep in mind that some tubesets come with various options in terms of tube thickness and diamaters. This is where the builder come in. They should be able to pick the proper tubes to meet your end result.

As far as Easton Elite vs. Columbus Altec 2 Plus goes, the Columbus tubeset is thinner, lighter, less stiff, and more fragile. Easton does make a lighter tubeset than Elite however if you have a burning itch for lightness.

Check out


Check the tube thicknesses and diamaters for yourself. Keep in mind the fragile factor. Good luck.