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Newbie question regarding rollers(12 posts)

Newbie question regarding rollersYellowlab
Nov 25, 2001 2:26 PM
i borrowed rollers from a friend who doesn't/never has used them. I wanted to know what the proper positioning on them should be for my bike. Should the front axle sit dead center on the front roller and how should the back wheel sit etc.

I started out and it feels all wrong and I can't even get started on them with out slipping off so I want to make sure the set up is correct.

I am not sure this is gonna work cause I feel like a jackass right now who can't even pedal a bike on those things.

they are nice kreitler rollers about 5 years old with little use and the band and rollers are in great shape.


re: Newbie question regarding rollersCT1
Nov 25, 2001 2:38 PM
The front wheel contact point should be just about at the "top" of the front roller. That's the way I use mine and the bike "handles" perfecto right there. My brothers bike is a tad bit longer wheelbase so I imagine his front wheel might be a tiny bit forward of the top of the front roller. Again, he has no problem.

Your "problem" is most likely just first time roller jitters. There are lots of previous threads on this same issue. Place the rollers in a doorway or close to a wall with an additional chair on the opposite side. JUST KEEP TRYING!!! Oh, don't ride slow!! Try to get your speed up to at least 20 MPH so you can take advantage of the magic physics going on. The roller will ride like you are on ice.... or at least it will feel like it for a while. It takes a couple of hours (not in one go-round) to get the hang of it.

good luck
Rollers can be fun once you get used to themcyclinseth
Nov 25, 2001 2:58 PM
The back wheel should rest on the two rear drums, then position the front drum so it's axle is directly underneath or up to 1" infront of the wheel axle.

You will need some kind of resistance for these rollers. If you don't have the fan attachment you can lay a towel underneath the drum. This will take a certain amount of adjustment to get the desired resistance. Two benefits of a fan are that you get the wind blowing in your face and the harder you pedal, the more resistance the fan generates.

I keep the rollers next to a wall and a step ladder on the other side. If you have yours next to the wall, make sure the fan is on the inside. Otherwise the wind from the fan will push your front wheel into the wall. So in other words, the fan is mounted on the left rail, so the wall is on my left.

Another technique is to set them up in a doorway, with your elbows in the threshold, so if you feel yourself drifting, you can adjust with them.

I always feel like a jackass when I get on them for the first time of the season. It takes a good hour to get fully reaquainted. You can really hammer on these things too. And after a winter of riding on rollers, you'll be able to pedal across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope. So don't give up.
call me crazy, but...gtx
Nov 25, 2001 4:52 PM
I'm pretty sure the directions that came with my Kreitlers 15 years ago said to put the front drum slightly AHEAD of the front wheel. I'm quite sure you don't want the wheel directly on top. I wouldn't use any resistance until you get used to it. Might want to start out in the big ring, though, to get those wheels moving. I never really understood the doorframe concept, just set up next to the washer/dryer.

just checked Kreiter's web site--yup AHEAD of the front wheel
call me crazy, but...Yellowlab
Nov 25, 2001 6:00 PM
Thanks, after a couplke of tries the other way it became clear after crahing into the wall that I need to move the front drum forward. =) After 30 mins of slipping on the "icerink" I am now getting the hang of it. Is it normal that if I tAke my eyes off of my front wheel/roller I begin to lose balance. If I try to look ahead I begin to sway?

Thanks for the input I love this site and how helpful everyone is
a few hours ....CT1
Nov 25, 2001 6:37 PM
You should be able to pretty much ignore the bike after a while. Watch TV, etc..... rollers are really quite forgiving once you smooth out your pedal stroke. That's the BIG key.

hey JohnGgtx
Nov 25, 2001 6:40 PM
did you get that CT1 yet? --ordered from England, right? How'd it work out? And what mtb you riding these days--still a NRS fan?

hey JohnGCT1
Nov 25, 2001 6:55 PM

No, I'm still waiting for the BSTAY CT1. My Euro vendor has gotten in a fair # of them but I ordered a "special" color/fork combo so it will be a while I suspect. I can only hope that it will be sometime in Jan .... but I'm girding myself for a long wait. In the meantime I've got my KG281 and a Giant ONCE so I'm not bike poor by any means.

My main MTB ride is a Dean softail. I love the bike.... does most everything I can ask for. That being said, I haven't mountain biked much this year..... I'm concentrating on the road to build up my speed and power. I'm sure I'll "get back into" mountain biking sometime in the future but I've really like road riding. Funny.... two years ago I was just the opposite. Strang eh?

Oh, my original NRS developed the infamous shock mount crack and its warrentee replacement found another home. That is a whole story unto itself..... the MTBR AHOLE stiffed me for the money.... I had to hound him for two months before he finally sent me the money. Ghesssh! What a total prick! Maybe that's why I haven't riden much on my MTB.... hahaha.

Hey, what part of the country are you in??? Still riding or are you frozen out. It was BA cold today in SoCal, high 40's to low 50's. brrrrr .... us SoCal folks are real weather wimps! hahahaha.

good rides to you!
hey JohnGgtx
Nov 25, 2001 8:13 PM
patience and lots of backup bikes are definitely the way to approach new bike purchases. I look forward to a full report on the Euro-purchased CT1. Very cool. What's this special color?

Ride year-round up here in the Pacific Northwest--in fact I use my rollers less up here than I did when I lived in CA--you learn to ignore the weather up here. Been on the road mostly myself, too--just broke the Syncros post on my the Mojo, but I'm looking forward to more mtb rides soon.

call me crazy, but...gtx
Nov 25, 2001 6:38 PM
I think they say it best on the Kreitler site:

"Another hint: Don't stare at the front drum! Look at an object on the floor placed far enough in front of you so that your lower peripheral vision will enable you to see the relationship of your front wheel and roller drum (to see if you are riding in the middle, left or right side of the rollers)."

Main thing is to stay relaxed. Have fun!
just rode mine for the first time...Stampertje
Nov 26, 2001 9:57 AM
...I was so concerned about the fact that I didn't have a suitable doorway that I forgot to just ride. After only a few minutes I was able to stay on until the lack of a fan killed me (about 10 minutes). I need the wall on my left to get on, and every now and then I still need it for balance. It feels just like leaning into someone in a pack. You want to get back on your own line as soon as possible.
and another tipDog
Nov 26, 2001 12:43 PM
not really a big deal, but it helps a little; I wrapped 2 inch wide yellow duct tape around the outsides of the front drum; it makes it really easy to see when you approach the "danger zone" out of the peripheral vision.