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First Century yesterday :)(6 posts)

First Century yesterday :)nn23
Nov 24, 2001 3:28 PM
First things first. Ride statistics:

Total Dist: 103 miles Palo Alto to Morgan Hill & back
Total time including off bike: 10 hrs appox (8am to 6 pm)
Riding time at century mark: 7hrs 24 mins
Avg speed : 13.5 mph
Elevation Gain : 3100 ft.

For those with w/ very limited time or interest - stop reading here.
A little more time? Read next 2 + last para.
A lot more time and/or interest - Read the whole thing.

Next lets get the guilt out of the way - I didnt go for my 4 day PCH tour as the weather forecast said rain or showers on ALL 4 days along the route.

Decided to make up for the tour w/ my first century instead. Prior to yesterday, my longest ride was 52 miles (8 days ago), and finishing rather than meeting any time targets was my primary goal. The major things that helped me going strong [1]
- Paced myself. Kept the same average speed at almost every stage of the ride. Picked up the pace a bit in the last 40 as I felt more confident of finishing.
- Almost never exerted self so much that I had to breath hard, forget about going anaerobic. I few times that I did, I regretted it. Dropped down to 30*28 for 80% of the climbs, which I did at 7 mph uphill.
- Ate before I was hungry, drank before I was thirsty.

[1] Do not feel any more tired after my century a day later, than I do after my more usual 30-40 milers. Felt pretty good at the end of the ride too, but Id discount that to the two precautionary Advils that I ate just before commencing the return journey.

The Bike: Trek 1000.
30-42-52 triple with 12-28 8 speed cogs. Weighs a ton w/ rack and lights, but I guess it doesnt matter when the rider can shed 5-10 lbs.

The Route : Mountain View to Morgan Hill and back.

Chose a winding route to Morgan Hill. Covered some 60 miles to get there. These were the relatively hard miles for my ride, with 3100 ft of climbing. Return journey was mostly flat/downhill and only 43 miles.

The Weather:
Temp 48-58 F for the day.
Wind : Slight wind 6-9 mph NW-SE throughout the day. So wind effect over round trip can be almost ignored.

Major Halts: 25, 45, 60, 80

25 miles: Refill bottles. Eat
45 miles: Fix tire flat in the hills. Eat. Got some welcome rest. It was 11 am and getting warm. Removed outer clothing layers.
60 miles: Morgan hill. Sit down for lunch at bagel place.
80 miles: Getting cold. Wear outer clothing. Eat bagel from bagel shop. Those bagels sandwiches were tasty. Must go to Morgan hill just for those bagels next time.

Energy intake: From 6am wake up to 6pm @ end of ride.

- Regular breakfast of milk and cereal - 550 calories
- Gatorade (2280 ml) - 570 cal
- Water (2280 ml) - 0 cal . I basically alternated between water and Gatorade.
- 2 pop tarts - 400 cal
- 1 banana - 100 cal
- 2 bagel sandwiches, 1/2 cookie during ride. - 700 cal ?
- Total calorie = 2320 cal
- Wasnt particularly hungry for dinner but still ate a lot of pizza. :) 1000 cal

New Things learned:
- Need to work on my spin. On long flat sections I would at times fall into a rhythm where my legs would somehow think for themselves and spin faster [2], and smoother. The effect was similar to having tailwinds [3], where you just sit and go faster without more exertion. [2] = 100 rpm v/s my usual 90 rpm. [3] This was mostly on my return journey which was all headwind.

- I can do a century without killing myself :) . Can think of being faster next time.

- I can live on Gatorade, water and pop tarts for almost any ride. Feels good to get the energy needs nailed down, once and for all.
Congrats!Allen az
Nov 24, 2001 4:14 PM
It's a great feeling of accomplishment. I just did my first century on Thanksgiving day. I don't have as many stats as you do, but...

Average speed: 18.4mph
Miles: 106.22
Moderate headwind on way back

BTW, we have the same bike (Trek 1000). But I took that 3rd ring off, and now it's just a 42-52 :o)

Congrats again!
allen aznn23
Nov 24, 2001 9:44 PM
Hey saw your post burried in another thread only later. Congrats to you too! First centuries so close in time and on the same bike! Now that is a co-incedence. Excellent timing on the bike, I must say.

Was weight reduction your only motive to get rid of the granny, or did you make any other change to your gearing too?

As for the cell phone, I always carry one. However, I lose coverage as soon as I hit the hills and nobody is in sight for miles. Kinda redundant, but I like the feel safe factor. Must keep that in mind when I'm shopping for cell phones next. I usually ride with my cycling buddy though.

...and yes let me know when you start looking for company to train w/ for the 508 .... ;)

- nn23
Yep, It sure is a coincidence!Allen az
Nov 25, 2001 10:51 AM
Actually, I don't really have a good reason for taking off the granny. I guess maybe because I never used it; so I just asked the guy at the LBS to take it off. And it didn't really reduce any weight (expected that). That was all I did to the gearing. But you mentioned that you had a 12-28 in the back, Mine is 11-28... Don't know why they're different.

'bout as well as I do ...Humma Hah
Nov 24, 2001 5:56 PM
... with a bunch of centuries under my belt (actually, I use them to get something out from UNDER my belt).

You've got it down! See, centuries are not so scarry, once you've actually tried it. While they probably involve more energy output than a marathon, I'm absolutely sure they're MUCH easier on the body.
nice write-up! very thorough. much like my first, earlier 2001..Js Haiku Shop
Nov 26, 2001 12:07 PM
102 miles, 7700' elevation gain, 9 hours total time, 7:09 on the bike, 14.3 mph average.

Pre-ride breakfast: banana (100 cal), bagel, breakfast bar and ½ liter of water Clif Bars: 6 @ 240 cal ea (1440 cal) PowerGels: 2 @ 100 cal ea (200 cal) Trail Mix: ½ cup at 240 cal total (240 cal) 2 quarters of a banana: 50 cal total (50 cal) ¼ of a peanut butter sandwich on wheat: 75 cal (75 cal) Gatorade: 6 @ 16 oz ea, 200 cal ea (1200 cal) Water/Bottles: 3 @ 16 oz ea Water/Hydration Pack: 135 oz total (estimation) Total Gatorade intake during the ride: 96 oz Total water intake during the ride: 183 oz (not including Gatorade)

Total caloric intake during the ride: 3205 cal Calories burned: between 4314 and 5846

aren't numbers fun? :o)