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Decal removal(6 posts)

Decal removalTrux
Nov 24, 2001 10:51 AM
Hey, Greg Lemond has his name on MY bike eleven times!
Any of you Lemond owners ever try to remove any of these excessive "Lemonds?" Particularly the letters on the front and rear forks. Help!
re: Decal removalNFM
Nov 24, 2001 3:42 PM
fingernail method works, otherwise acetone (nail polish remover)
re: Decal removalgrandpa_m
Nov 24, 2001 4:10 PM
You didnt mention which model or year your Lemond is but
here's the deal with my 2002 Lemond Maillot Jaune. All
the stickers are applied to the paint and then shot with
clear coat. If you remove them it leaves an impression
on the surface where the sticker was. I too did not like
all the stickers plastered on my frame so I did remove
the two on the seat stays. If you look close you can see
where they were but thats no big deal to me. I started
to remove the ones on the fork but the paint is notice-
ably lighter underneath so I'll live with them. Good luck!
Durn, I just spent a fortune having mine put back ON!Humma Hah
Nov 24, 2001 6:01 PM
Mine were never as excessive as yours, but I just spent good money having a custom paint shop reproduce mine after they powdercoated the poor old thing.

What took my originals off was road grit and mud kicked up by the front wheel on my pants, which then rubbed against the top tube. Nicely took off decals, paint, undercoat, and shined the metal up nicely.

If not clearcoated, the decals will probably come off with your fingernail. If clearcoated, some very careful use of a strong paint solvent will probably be required. Any thing you do will probably leave some traces. Good luck.
re: Decal removalgrandpa_m
Nov 24, 2001 7:05 PM
I forgot to tell you how to remove the stickers. Simply
peal an edge up enough with your fingernail and grab it
with your fingers and gently pull it off. DO NOT use any
anything else, this method works without damaging the
here's a tip for sticker removalDutchy
Nov 25, 2001 5:01 PM
If you want to take off stickers, they usually leave a sticky residue which will gather dust
over time and turn black. Buy some eucalyptus oil, just rub it on with a rag and wipe off,
it won't harm the paint either. It's great for removing the safety label stickers as well as the stickers
that are on new rims.