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Friday / Post Thanksgiving Haiku(4 posts)

Friday / Post Thanksgiving HaikuJs Haiku Shop
Nov 23, 2001 10:58 AM
Missus Ku came through
single speed for big 3-0
and some Camelbaks

dinner to order
stayed home on saturday night
12 year-old bourbon

Ku's parents fell short
LBS certificate
did not expect much

Ku's in-laws, well, hmmm...
always made big deal in past
this year: el zilcho!

Ku guess words are true
after age twelve, don't expect
big deal on birthday

when all is said, done
I could do without the rest
save Missus, Junior

single speed my arse
one gear means multiple speeds
hills: pain. flats: spin fast.

two-sided pedals
MTB shoes with Surly
the Haiku-mo-beel

now honestly say
"more beers and less gears", my friends
Spring brings P B R

Turkey Day came, went
why do many stuff themselves?
thought that turkey's job

Turkey Day yearly
reason it's not more frequent
really like dressing?

biggest reason this
too much family bad thing
only linked by blood

no, guilt by the relation
start drinking early!

then follows Xmas
twelve days of distasteful gifts
do you have receipt?

good to see Aunt Ku
but what made thoughts i could use
ceramic bunny?

november start train
no, changed mind, november drink
start train december

december, feb, jan
count cals and treadmill, ride lots
ab work and weight lift

calendar new page
march with pic of poppy fields
j-ku legs of steel

group ride start post-work
slow at first, then rip legs off
riding single speed

gained five pounds, not Ku!
only gained three, and just since
end of D S T
You can pick your toes, you can pick your nose...MB1
Nov 23, 2001 11:31 AM
but you can't pick your relatives.

As for that ceramic bunny...look at it as a good start for your yard art collection. Plus it will give Jr. something to blow up on some future 4th of July.
no explosions or toilet paperingJs Haiku Shop
Nov 23, 2001 11:42 AM
in my back yard. the little devil can go right across the street if he's so inclined.
Winter HaikuJofa
Nov 23, 2001 2:38 PM
dangerous pavements
but I face the ice this year
with my father's stick.

Seamus Heaney. not me, obviously. Brrr.