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It's snowing like nuts here in Utah. Argh!(2 posts)

It's snowing like nuts here in Utah. Argh!Leisure
Nov 23, 2001 2:07 AM
It had been such a wonderful November. I guess this ends mountainbiking for the season. I've been intentionally trying to ride trails as much as possible despite having a new roadbike just because it was that waning time in mtb-season. It may sound funny, but this is feeling pretty cool because I'm intending to ride all winter this year. I'm a bit less enthusiastic about having to buy the whole thermal-lycra-bodysuit, though. Maybe it will warm back up a bit after today and I can put off the expense for a bit. It's getting pretty close to the Olympics so maybe I'll also get to avoid some of the extra traffic. Do they even do any sort of cycling-related stuff in the Winter Olympics? It would be kind of funny to be out riding one day and bump into Lance (with my luck I wouldn't even recognize him in person).
Love to ride in the snow, lets go.MB1
Nov 23, 2001 5:03 AM
You don't have to ride very far to get one heck of a workout, everything is nice and quiet, everything looks different and it hardly hurts when/if you crash.

Have you checked out the icebiker web site?