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winter tights(9 posts)

winter tightsgiff
Nov 22, 2001 6:43 PM
I am thinking of getting some winter tights, and some lighter ones for spring and fall. I would like some advice on wether or not to go with the insert (chamois). I have tried a pair of runnig tights over my cycling shorts and they tend to slide down. My reluctance is that if I am out on a long ride and become too hot I can always take off the tights if I have my regular shorts underneath. Where as if I get em with the chamois and get too hot... well, going in the buff is out of the question.
re: winter tightsBirddog
Nov 22, 2001 7:13 PM
I like tights over shorts, bib tights over shorts would be best, but harder to find without the chamois. I experience some slippage with regular tights, but not so bad that I look like a plumber.
re: winter tightstr
Nov 22, 2001 11:47 PM
As for lighter ones, i would just buy a pair of lycra bib tights. I would use them or bib shorts with knee warmers. In the spring and fall i use bib knickers or bib shorts and knee warmers. In the winter i use bib knickers with chamois and sometimes bib tights (with chamois)for real cold days. As far as up top i use windstopper vest and long sleeve jersey or i wear a patagonia shirt underneath(different weights for different temps). It is always good to have two different weight gloves also.
re: winter tightsVelocipedio
Nov 23, 2001 5:18 AM
I ride in Montreal, usually up to about New Year's. The temps get down to -10C by the end of the season...

I have a couple os pairs of polypropylene tights with chamois. They're good down to about 3C as long as there's no wind. If there's much of a headwind, it cuts right through the tights to the family jewels. On colder days, I like un-padded polypro tights over my bib-shorts. The extra layer helps.

On the coldest days, I'll wear the padded polypro tights under a pair of [large size] lycra tights.

So... my advice is to mix and match. The advantage of unpadded tights is that you can peel off if the temps rise. The advantage of padded is that they ARE more comfortable.
re: winter tightsJs Haiku Shop
Nov 23, 2001 5:47 AM
the voler tights seem to be good for cool weather, but not for cold--i have a pair of bellweather neoprene tights that are great for down to 32* and a little lower. beyond, that, i'll go really slow (MTB) and stuff newspaper down my shorts.

on the volers, i wear the tighs alone. on the bellweather, they're really not cycling-specific, and don't have chamois, so they get a pair of cycling shorts underneath.

good luck.
What I do4bykn
Nov 23, 2001 6:28 AM
I don't ride if it's really cold, so a good set of leg warmers and arm warmers do the job for me. And always wear shorts with leg warmers! :0)
re: suspendersdzrider
Nov 23, 2001 7:38 AM
I have Hind tights with a shammy and PI tights without. The PI tights are much warmer. I find that both slide down and eventually get caught on the front of the seat when I sit back down so I use suspenders to hold them up.

For very cold weather I used over-size bib shorts over heavy weight thermal underwear. My hands and feet no longer tolerate cold long enough to make this necessary, but it was the warmest comfortable combination that I found.

For milder weather, arm and leg warmers are hard to beat. I also use Mountain Bike shorts that have a baggy layer over the lycra. The added wind protection makes them quite a bit warmer than conventional bike shorts.
how do you define "winter" ?filtersweep
Nov 23, 2001 10:42 AM
I'm not saying I could kill a bear with my bare hands or anything, but I really think it depends on your climate- I live in MN, where winter is winter (actual snow, sub-zero temps., blizzards, etc...)- and I ride until the snow stays around (which means I'm still riding). I prefer chamois bib tights- the "too hot" venting is done with my tops and ear covers (if any). It is still more likely to be too cold rather than too hot, but if my feet, hands, and ears are OK- I'm OK. For lighter spring tights, I prefer leg warmers. I decent pair of bib tights shouldn't cause you to over heat- if you really get thermal, you can ride in very low temps, but they tend not to breathe as much, and you may become quite sweaty (with the heavy, heavy-weight tights)/
winter defined.giff
Nov 23, 2001 4:23 PM
Western NY state(Wilson,NY), I can look out the window and see the Canadian border. High wind area off of lake Ontario. Usually too cold for me to ride, but I would like to extend the season. Thanks to all for the advice.