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For all you Airborne lovers and haters......(17 posts)

For all you Airborne lovers and haters......turtlemoye
Nov 21, 2001 5:57 PM
I know this is a mountain bike but with recent discussions about Airborne on this site I thought it would be relevant

I got this in my email today...........

Until this point I had not developed any opinions about Airborne/their frames until I saw this. Their association with a company like Royce Union totally blows any credibility that they may have thought they had. I know that some of you love your Airbornes and that's fine but would you buy a Cadillac from a dealer who sold Yugos on the same lot?

why not?collinsc
Nov 21, 2001 6:02 PM
is it any less a cadillac?

and whats the deal with royce union anyway, Id never heard of them before recieving the email
why not?turtlemoye
Nov 21, 2001 6:08 PM
Royce Union, Huffy, Pacific......they are all the same.

Ok, so would you have respect for Airborne if they were selling Huffys from their web page?

why not?collinsc
Nov 21, 2001 11:23 PM
guess the only problem with that, ie the cadillac/yugo example, is that i cant see what (besides ownership) airborne has to do with huffy.

nobody rags on lemond and gary fishers for just being treks. granted trek is not comparable to huffy in ANY way, still the ties are identical so why not the same treatment?

if airbornes were decked out in the same plastic bullshit components as huffys, then i would certainly steer clear. Every part of the bike is a respectable product (shimano/campy/what have you), airborne existed w/o huffy for quite some time to my knowledge, so how does that one relationship change anything?
if anything it helps airborne lower their prices by getting components cheaper.

if cadillacs were built in yugoslavia, i think there would be something to worry about. if GM bought Yugo tomorrow, would that lower the quality of cadillac? are cadillacs just GM's with leather?

hope im not being overly obstinate, but i just dont see how this kind of thing changes airbornes "status".

they do direct spam too?cool
Nov 21, 2001 6:11 PM
re: We've had these discussions before...Akirasho
Nov 21, 2001 6:44 PM
Because of the very nature of capitalizm... you're oftimes hard pressed to know exactly who "owns" who or what...

Credibility (at least on the least complicated level) should be judged by the products that interest and/or impact upon you... GE makes some fine jet engines... but I wouldn't bet my job on one of their alarm clock's ability to get me to said job on time...

In today's market... just like many folks private portfolio... you've got to be diverse.

Many publically traded US bike manufacturers (regardless of where their particular products are made) have taken heavy hits this season... hell, even Litespeed is eyeing aluminium... probably in light of Cannondale's recent financial woes... the once mighty names of Schwinn and GT now taking up residence next to said RU and Huffy.

I'm unfamiliar with the RU/Airborne connection...

Wonder how many folks out there in a Rolls Royce or Bentley know how much "Chevy" is in their vehicle...

It's a complicated issue... with a lot more under the Royce Union sticker than meets the eye...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: For all you Airborne lovers and haters......TheMaxx
Nov 21, 2001 10:33 PM
Airborne is owned by Huffy, and so is Royce Union. That is why they are so cheap, and made in China.

I have a question for you though. Does that mean that Schwinn's and GT's suck now too just because they are owned by Pacific? I guess it's only a matter of time.
Features vs. Qualitynee Spoke Wrench
Nov 22, 2001 7:15 AM
Features are easy to compare. You don't even have to look at the bikes much less ride one, just read the spec. sheets. That's pretty much the way airborne markets their bikes. I guess that would be the totally objective way to buy a bicycle.

Quality is a bit more difficult to ascertain. Quality tends to be a subjective thing that can be difficult to explain but can definitely be felt. I read somewhere that we human beings only use a tiny percentage of our brain cells. I wonder if maybe some of those brain cells whose function is unknown is how we sense quality.

This much I know for sure. I have owned some pretty basic steel bicycles and one really high end steel bike. The high end bike feels better to ride. I have owned a basic aluminum bike and a high end aluminum bike. The high end bike definitely feels better and is more fun to ride. I've never owned either a carbon bike or a titanium bike, but I suspect the same relationship would hold true.
Airborne bike made in communist worker's paradise!Mao Tse-tung
Nov 22, 2001 7:40 AM
We make Airborne bike for capitalist running-dog company name Huffy. Huffy pay us many $$. Workers chained to assembly line, we feed them only water, and use money we earn to stage mass execution every friday afternoon. When worker talk back to supervisor, we shoot him and sell kidneys to rich Arab.
Come visit factory in wonderful People's Republic of China!!!
Airborne bike made in communist worker's paradise!atomicwedgie
Nov 22, 2001 7:52 AM
There is over a Billion Chinese citizens. If they don't like their government they should change it. Freedom takes guts and sacrifice. And anyway, if you take these jobs away from these people they will have even less than they do now.
Airborne bike made in communist worker's paradise!Chow en Lei
Nov 22, 2001 7:42 PM
Yes. You buy our bike and you get big bang for buck. Quality maybe not so good as in made in America or made in Europe bike but ours are cheaper and save you much money. Besides, Chinese need jobs, too, because if we not make you no bike, we no get any rice at all. Chinese factory job good work. No benefits like in America bike plants but we look at things in healthy eastern way. American workers think retirement plan important - that is so stupid. Here, we get to retire when we die. We get our rest then, you silly American capitalists. So, when you order our nice Chinese bicycle, you know you get good thing for less money. And no worry for American worker because you are a rich country that provides nice unemployment benefit so lucky you can ride nice Chinese bike when you lose job. But you save money!!!
re: For all you Airborne lovers and haters......atomicwedgie
Nov 22, 2001 7:46 AM
I own an Airborne Valkyrie. I also own a steel Giant. I really enjoy both of them. I have only been riding for about 16 months. But I've gone from getting severely winded just going around the block, to riding 2 centuries and several metric centuries. I can now average 20 mph for 20 miles of hills and flats. No great accomplishment but I have never been an athlete of any sort either (I'm 31 years old).
The thing is I enjoy riding. I chose the Airborne because I thought it was the biggest bang for the buck. What I got was a bike that I consider to be huge bargain. And I guess that is the real test for any bike. Do you enjoy your bike? Are there any Airborne owners out there that don't like their bike? Are there any Litespeed owners out there that are dissapointed?
Sure there are lighter frames out there. But I don't race and I don't think that I would enjoy a bike that cost thousands more any better than my Valkyrie. I've ridden 5500's and they are nice bikes, but I chose Airborne and I'm glad. I think it's a beautiful bike, and I can ride with friends with Treks and Litespeeds and keep up with them and in some cases out ride them.
We all love bicycles and components. That's why we spend hours looking at and talking about them.
I like my bikes. Do you?
Because it's titaniumRich Clark
Nov 22, 2001 12:18 PM
The e-mail came to people who subscribed to Airborne's mailing list. It wasn't spam.

I imagine the bike was given to Airborne to sell off because it has a ti frame. And Airborne is covering the frame with its lifetime warranty.

Here are the facts about the bike, which is being sold for $450 shipped, although I'm sure most of you would rather not be encumbered by facts when engaging in Airborne-bashing:

It's decidedly entry-level, no doubt about it. It's also not an Airborne. Don't confuse the fact that Airborne has a line of its own bikes with the fact that Airborne also operates an online store that sells stuff from a variety of manufacturers and sources.

Meanwhile, you folks who for whatever reason feel compelled to lie and slander in your quest to convince people not to buy Airborne bikes have my pity. Get a life, why don't you?

3 words...collinsc
Nov 22, 2001 1:52 PM
summed up perfectly what ive been trying to say again and again.

How do you know?TJeanloz
Nov 23, 2001 8:30 AM
First off, I think this is a pretty decent deal considering what else is out there at the $450 price point- Specialized Hardrock FS's and such.

But it does entertain me to see how avidly people defend bicycle brands and companies. I'll admit to a little bit of guilt on this one. Seriously though, you say that it's not an Airborne. Which is absolutely true, it's a Royce Union. But I find it very hard to believe that this bike didn't come out of the same factory that produces Airborne's bikes. Why? The two companies (RU and Airborne) are seperate brands of the same company (Huffy), and it makes no sense to have multiple titanium fabrication facilities for different brands. The high-end similarity is that it would make no sense for Litespeed to produce Merlin bikes in a separate facilty. Economies of scale is the reason these companies merged in the first place. Also, there is a 0% chance that a company would offer a lifetime warranty on something that they didn't produce or know exactly the standards to which it was produced. So yes, you are technically correct that it is not an Airborne, in the same way that a Macalu is not a Litespeed.

I think this is probably an awesome bike for somebody. Who, I don't know. But to try to pawn it off as completely unrelated to Airborne is probably a little naive.
Nov 22, 2001 5:42 PM
crap components, crank too short..... best suited for someone who thinks getting rad is jumping off curbs in the neighborhood
re: For all you Airborne lovers and haters......firstrax
Nov 24, 2001 12:09 PM
I like the idea of buying a bike from a company that is owned by a giant with solid finacial strenght. There still going to be around long after the "micro builders" are gone ( No I dont want to see anyone go under).