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Building my first dream bike(4 posts)

Building my first dream bikejkh
Nov 21, 2001 1:21 AM
My budget for a frameset is limited, max at $1200. I like the Cinelli Aliante and Starlight (on sales at gvhbikes) because of their prices and the look. Anyone has experience with these two frames? Any suggestion for other frames within this budget? BTW, the Look 386 looks pretty nice, any comments?

I don't race but enjoy fast group riding and hill climbing. So, this bike is more or less a recreational bike for me.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome!
re: Building my first dream bikeMe Dot Org
Nov 21, 2001 9:12 AM has the Colnago Dream Plus on special for $995. The price includes a Flash carbon fork. They also have the Look 386 (with Look HSC 3 fork) for $1275. Figure about $100 for shipping.
re: about the dream plusDCW
Nov 21, 2001 3:31 PM
Totalcycling is selling the 2000 frameset which is made out of Altec 2 Plus for $995. You can get the 2001 model (which is made with Clumubuses' new Airplane tubing which is both lighter and stronger) with the flash carbon fork for 594 pounds from Maestro, which is the Colnago distributor in England. This is a great bike which I would highly recomend. If your are not building the bike up yourself, then you should check out Sqaure Deals on Wheels ( which have better component prices than Maestro (and their frame prices are compatible). I have dealt with both Sdeals and Maestro and both are curious and friendly. Good luck with the bike even if you decide not to gowth the Dream Plus.
short top & head tube on LOOK 386 ....C-40
Nov 21, 2001 3:46 PM
I'm suprprised that no one has whined about LOOK's odd geometry yet.

The 72.5 degree seat tube angle (STA) caters to those that have long femurs (upper leg) or like their knee over pedal position (KOP) well behind the pedal spindle.

For those with neither of these needs, the top tubes are even shorter than the often-maligned Colnago. A "size 53", actually measures 55.5cm (c-c) which compares to a 57cm (c-t)Colnago. The LOOK top tube is 54.8cm and the head tube is 12.5cm. Colnago's TT is 55.6cm with a 73 degree STA and a 15.1cm head tube. With the same saddle position relative to the bottom bracket, the LOOK frame has an effective top tube length of only 54.2cm. If you typically use a mid-length stem, this may not be a problem, but expect to use a stem that is at 1-2cm longer than required by many other frames.

The 12.5cm head tube length is also 2-2.5cm shorter than many frames of equal size. More head tube spacers or a high rise stem may be needed.

The 386 only comes in 2cm increments. That's OK too, if you happen to fit one of those sizes. 1cm increments are more likely to provide an optimum fit.