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hey UK cyclists: What about these forks?(4 posts)

hey UK cyclists: What about these forks?jba
Nov 20, 2001 3:47 PM

Can some of the UK riders provide some info and opinions on the following fork brands?

Ambrosio and Mizuno...

I've seen a few UK bike sites selling full carbon forks for pretty good prices compared to LOOK and others, but there are few pics and details of the forks. Some are pretty low weight. What forks do you guys trust over there?

Also, anyone familiar with Pedal Force forks from SE Asia? There's one in this site's reviews.

Seen all 3 riding around here, plus others.muncher
Nov 21, 2001 1:25 AM
Suspect that 1/2 of them come out the same factory anyway. How big can the differences really be? Judge by the size, profile and steerer and go from there.
Some otherszelig
Nov 21, 2001 5:00 AM
Mizuno and ITM's (just began selling in 2001)are made by Presenti of Italy who to further add to the confusion, also sell under their own name. The pricing is substantially different between the brands (most expensive usually being Mizuno, followed by ITM and then Presenti) and not all models are exactly alike. There was recently an ITM all carbon fork on EBay that went for about $360. Considering it’s UK cost is about $180 excluding VAT and import duty, the buyer either didn't do their homework or just wanted to be the first. The Mizuno's are highly thought of in Europe and both Principia, and Fondriest used to spec them on their top bikes although that's not the current situation. In tests versus the Ouzo Pro, Look, etc, the Mizuno carbon steerer's has thicker walls while the Reynolds had the thinnest FWIW. I'm not sure about Ambrosio's fork, if they make it or if it's a private label job as again, they've got that Presenti look. A fork that is growing in popularity is the Columbus Muscle, finally available with a carbon steerer. It's probably my next fork purchase due to the reputation of the company (although they may outsource the manufacture), construction and look of the fork.

Interestingly enough, the Reynolds Ouzo pro is probably the carbon fork I've seen the least of in the UK (excluding AME, Wound Up, etc.) despite the Reynolds connection.

FWIW I ride a Look HCS-2 and a Presenti with an alloy steerer.
Zelig - Whats your view on the HSC2?sticky
Nov 23, 2001 6:32 AM
Whats your view on the HSC2. I'm after a 40mm rake fork and the HSC2 seems to fit the bill. The ITM Millenium is a good option but only comes with 43 or 45 rake.