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In praise of a LBS.(1 post)

In praise of a LBS.look271
Nov 19, 2001 4:10 PM
I know that recently ther ehas been some LBS bashing (and rightfully so in these cases) but I'd just like to say something about the one that I frequent. These guys ride; they have a 30-40 mile ride every Sat from their shop. A hammer fest in the summer, but no one gets dropped. I take by commuter bike's wheel into them to true; turns out it needs an axel and earings as well. On my ride home after doing their ride, my front derailer cable snaps. I take it in, they fix it in less than 1 hour-I had no appointment, and they are also a ski shop, so they had a crap-load of skis to work on. Cost for replacing cable (w/D-A), rebuilding hub and truing wheel? About $33. No too shabby.If you're in the Harrisburg/Lancaster/York PA area, check these guys out! World Cup Ski and Bike. Besides, they have "Crosby", the cool ski and bike dog!