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Thank you Giro...another weekend mishap(3 posts)

Thank you Giro...another weekend mishapLLSmith
Nov 19, 2001 8:49 AM
Must have been one of those weekends.I got a neat little wrist/forearm brace last week that allowed me to put enough pressue on my left wrist to start riding again.After coming up a small hill I was taking a drink before the next one.My left hand was holding the bar top as I was putting the water bottle back in its cage.All of the sudden my front wheel jerks one way then my back wheel bounces. The next thing I know i'm standing on the curb with a man and woman cyclist asking me some questions.I dont know what I told them, but he left and in a short period of time there was a fire truck pulling up.By then I realized my bike was neatly laying on the curb next to me. When I looked back down the road I saw a rock about half the size of a softball.I knew I was at Stone Mountain Park, but did not know exactly where I was at the park.The fireman asked me if I hurt anywhere and (he told my wife later)I said my back and head. He took off my helmet looked at it and said "sir I would like to put you on a back board and restrain you" of course I said ok.As he later told my wife I really did not know who I was or who she was, but I did have the sense to tell them all my info was in my seat pack.I keep laminated copies of my DL,insurance card and a business card with #'s and names on it.After a ride to the hospital for x rays and a cat scan i'm ok...just a sore tailbone and a headache.I was getting a little concerned until the emergency service workers showed up. As soon as they got there I new I would be taken care of--and I was.Obviously I was not paying attention to the road like I should have. From the looks of my tires I hit the rock with both front and rear.Everything is fine except for my helmet. I will be very happy to buy a new one.
Too close for comfort, LL. Good luck, ride again soon. (nm)RhodyRider
Nov 19, 2001 9:12 AM
re: Thank you Giro...another weekend mishapMarkP
Nov 20, 2001 11:56 AM
On October 1 I was riding near Bodega Bay in California and all of a sudden I was off the right shoulder of the road. The only thing I remember was seeing an old (hard) tire rut along side the pavement. From my injuries, I must have gone over the bar and landed on my left shoulder and head. I was scraped a lot from road rash, and my Giro Eclipse helmet was cracked pretty badly. I couldn't remember where I was for a few minutes, and I don't know how long I lay on the roadside because I was riding alone. My doctor said that the helmet saved me from a trip to the hospital, and maybe worse. My Lemond Zurich (steel) frame and fork were bent back and are unusable. Curiously, my front wheel suffered no damage. I must have put pressure down on the bar when I went over it. A local bike shop kept my helmet to use at area schools to teach kids why it is a good idea to wear one. I need to get a new bike, but then that's not all bad.