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Scored at the Dump this Weekend(2 posts)

Scored at the Dump this WeekendFred the Cross Poser
Nov 19, 2001 7:53 AM
Sitting on some old shelving at the metal scrap pile this weekend was a Suntour Superbe caliper and a matching Shimano caliper. Both were already off the bike. These babies appear to be both from the late '80s - single pivot long reach with original pads. Perfect for my cross bike that has been suffering from some old shimano tourneys.

Left behind were two cranks with chainrings. One had a name I didn't recognize, another had "SR" on the back. No sign of the matching cranks, however.

I always check the metal pile. Most days, I get to look over several 27 inch road bikes that have spent their last years outside or some kid's broken huffy mountain bike with Alivio components at best.

That Suntour Suberbe caliper sure is nice!
re: one man's junk...Akirasho
Nov 19, 2001 3:35 PM
... treasure is relative... lucky for you.

Many aspects of our society are motivated by the "new and improved" marketing mentality... which is why many visitors to these forums question older components...

Don't get me wrong, I like bright and shiny... new and improved... but when my Rivendell is complete... it'll be as retro as is practical!

We abide.

Remain In Light.