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good expereince with DeFeet customer service(5 posts)

good expereince with DeFeet customer serviceJs Haiku Shop
Nov 19, 2001 6:57 AM
ordered a pair of DeFeet arm warmers, knee warmers and shoe covers (slipstream) from Excel Sports in June or July. Used each less than half dozen times, more recently as the weather's getting cooler. Last two times with arm and knee warmers were a double metric in late September and ~17 miles of mtb two weeks back. The knee warmers kept sliding down and the arm warmers kept rolling down from the top, and the shoe covers seemed to take quite a beating pretty fast. a surprising result, since i have a drawer full of DeFeet cycling socks, including an IMBA pair that have been put through the ringer a few times, and I'm quite happy with 'em. in contrast, i have a pair of SoBe socks (cannondale) that are falling apart, and have not been worn much. sooo...

the initial order from excel was (1) not shipped promptly, (2) shipped to the right address, wrong ZIP code, and (3) handled incorrectly. when i called them about the order missing after two weeks, they reshipped the package, AGAIN to the wrong zip. i checked my e-mail confirmation from the online purchase and verified the information supplied during the initial order was correct, that they had, in fact, transposed 2 digits of the zip and my packages were 200 miles east of my house.

finally they straightened it out and i received the package in about a month without as much as a cursory apology from Excel (after much phone communication). fast forward five months down the road, i e-mailed 'em about the product issues and they dropped the ball again. their last response was an offer to "warranty" the items with defeet for replacement, which did not get my interest. they did not reply to the next e-mail requesting an exchange for socks or some other recompense.

a week later, i e-mailed defeet and gave them the short & sweet about the product, no history, and offered them the warmers and covers and a receipt if they'd trade me for some socks. within a matter of hours (same afternoon), the president & founder of the company had responded to my message, thanking me for my business, and putting socks in the mail without thought of receipt or returned merchandise. all the while, he's apologizing for the problems and telling me how much he appreciates my business...

thought you guys would like to hear it. the arm/knee warmers and covers might work for you, but didn't for me. however, i really dig their socks, and they've made a lifetime customer (and singer of defeet praises) through two e-mails and excellent customer service. it's only been a couple days, so the socks have not arrived yet, but when they do, i may just have to post another message.

I told him how refreshing it was to find after the sale support and good customer service. quoting his last message to me:

"...we have to listen to our customers, it's our job. Without you guys, what (we) would he have (is) one time orders. We also love the sport and the people in it."

too cool.
Thanks for a product reviewLone Gunman
Nov 19, 2001 2:00 PM
I have been considering shoe covers, do not want waterproof rubberized saunas, have looked at Defeet covers from (3pr.@$14) and was curious how they would hold up. I once used a pair of socks as covers, lasted 2 days and they were full of holes. Considering lycra or something from Any experience with their covers?
Thanks for a product reviewJs Haiku Shop
Nov 19, 2001 2:15 PM
nope, sorry.

i'd say the defeet covers were equivalent to a super-strong pair of socks. more like canvas-strength than cotton, though. 3 for $14 might not be a bad deal, just don't expect a pair to last the entire (off) season of active riding.

fwiw, the PKI (spokes) neoprene booties from excel sports are warm, weatherproof, and breathable so far. worn them at as much as 50*F.
Thanks for a product reviewLone Gunman
Nov 19, 2001 5:47 PM
Naw, neoprene is too hot. I think my cut off for pleasure riding is probably 40F. Forced ride is whatever. A forced ride is an organized tour where you have no choice but to pack up your gear and move on or you REALLY want to get out and ride, temp. be damned. has a pair of aluminum fibers and windtex woven with a rubber sole and zipper entry shoe covers by Teosport, lycra with zippers, or weather resistant Santini booties. The idea of cutting open fabric (Defeet) and not sewing up the frayed edges I feel will fall apart quickly. My sock covers were destroyed in 2 days. The search continues....
Nov 19, 2001 7:25 PM
I have a pair of the DeFeet Armskins (arm warmers) and I think they're great. I've had no trouble keeping them rolled up and in place. The regular black neoprene or lycra arm warmers seem like overkill to me, but the Armskins essentially transform your short-sleeve jerseys into long-sleeved ones. Their socks, on the other hand, are not as thick as I prefer. To each his own.