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Head over Heals(2 posts)

Head over Healsnn23
Nov 18, 2001 6:17 PM
I tightened the clip-in clip-out mechanism of my pedals before my ride yesterday. I did this for two reasons a] After reading the many threads here about people falling over at traffic lights, I had gone ahead w/ the recommendation of keeping the clip-in clip-out mechanism relatively loose till I was more comfortable. This resulted in me clipping out accidentally at times. I thought this was dangerous, and so I wanted to correct it. b] Since I had not fallen so far I (mistakenly) thought this has become a reflex and I didn't need to worry about falling at traffic lights.....

Well, so here I was 5 miles from the end of my ride. W/ 47 miles and appox 5000 ft of climbing already in the bag for the day [see 1 below], this was ending out to be not only the longest ride but also one with the max amt of climbing for 1 ride. I dismounted at the top of the climb (4.x miles of continuous climbing) to wear my wind-cheater, for the last 5 miles was all downhill.

"Oh man do I feel invincible". "I'm going to finish all fresh". "Man this is good"

... and so it went in my head. In reality I was all exhausted and ready to drop. I mounted the bike again, saw my bag [see 2 below] needed adjustment, and decided to dismount..... only to find that I could not.

Crash !!! A little embarrassed, slightly hurt. Did the last 5 miles downhill a little shaken [3] and w/ fingers almost constantly hitting the breaks. I could've lived without this.

- nn23

[1] I've mentioned this here as I wanted to share my first crossing of the 50 mile mark. The 5000 ft estimate is from crossing the hills between Woodside to PCH-1 near Pescadero twice (once each way). Correct me if I'm wrong.
[2] The bag and rack were to simulate riding conditions for my coming trip.
[3] Still recovering physically/mentally from my recent crash, which happened going downhill.
re: Head over Healsmick wolfe
Nov 18, 2001 7:23 PM
I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't had an embarrassing ( or painful) incident that envolved clipless pedals. After riding in clipless for over a year with no problems , I had 2 incidents in one weekend. Both happened when I wasn't even moving....just waiting for a light to change. Yes,although I only skinned my knee( twice), things like this do play with your mind.I was unclipping both pedals at stops for about 2 months after that weekend.