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I got ripped off by an Ebay seller...(8 posts)

I got ripped off by an Ebay seller...jba
Nov 18, 2001 2:50 PM
Hey guys,

Just to let you know: Got ripped off. Last month, I bid on an auction for a Trek Reynolds 531, 105-equipped road bike. The auction never reached reserve so the seller contacted me asking if I was interested in buying the bike for my max bid of $175. I agreed after verifying that this person was really the Ebay seller. I arranged for the seller to ship via UPS with a customer pick-up (I didn't want the bike sitting on the front porch all day waiting for me to come home.)

So I paid a few days later by PayPal (an out-of-auction payment). It's been almost one month and I have no bike!

I tried contacting the seller a few times. Only the once did the seller write back to say that he/she was having trouble with UPS. Seller claimed that he couldn't find a shipping address for my local UPS so I could go pick it up!

All the idiot needs to do is ship the bike to my address and request customer pick-up. No actual UPS address is necessary! UPS KNOWS where their warehouses are!

Anyway, I registered a complaint at PayPal. PayPal claims up to 30 days to resolve things and promises nothing. I can't complain to Ebay.

Fat Chance I'll see my money.

Any experiences with this?

Since I paid PayPal with a credit card, is there much chance my credit card company will provide the necessary muscle to get my money back?

The Ebay seller's name is tinkspixydust (MJ Kennedy). Doesn't have negative feedback, but again if ripped off outside Ebay, one can't place negative feedback.

Hoping you guys never get ripped off,

Here's what I didBirddog
Nov 18, 2001 3:42 PM
First register a complaint with your credit card co.

Then use Paypal to bill the seller. Paypal will do this, but there is no guarantee that the seller will actually pay you.

With every action you take, Email the seller of your actions and what you are doing. When you E-mail include a cc to a law firm, make one up if you have to. For instance, Email the seller that you were forced to file a fraud charge with your credit card co, since you have not received the bike and he is not responding.

Fire off E-mails expressing your displeasure on at least a daily basis. I wouldn't make direct threats, (especially ones that you cannot backup) but do keep up the pressure. Remind the seller of your dipleasure about his lack of correspondence, and his general lack of timeliness. If you resort to name calling, you start to lose. Ask for your money back. Remind seller of the good faith necessary for E-bay and internet transactions to work. I would even send an E-mail with an attachment of your post here so that the seller knows that he is on the net as a "dirtbag" It would be especially helpful if you knew for sure where this guy lived.

Basically constant pressure without name calling is the best remedy for this.
re: I got ripped off by an Ebay seller...dsc
Nov 18, 2001 3:47 PM
You should be covered for amounts over $25 and under $200 by Ebay's fraud protection services. Go to their home page and click on SafeHarbor, to find out what steps you need to take.
I've completed many transactions on Ebay, and only got ripped off once, for $10. Besides the usual advice of checking the sellers feedback, etc, I'd recommend using Ebay's escrow service for items in the hundreds of dollars.

Good luck.

ebay only covers ebay auctions, but in the future...maximum15
Nov 18, 2001 4:56 PM
As I just said, ebay will only cover money on an auction that successfully closes on ebay. In the future, if this happens again, have the seller do a private auction. This will cover you thru ebay. Now for your existing problem, the only thing I can think of quickly is file with your credit card company. It really sickens me to see people use the internet like this. I almost got ripped off myself a few months ago on ebay. Luckily, I recognized the person as a deadbeat before I got suckered. Anyway, good luck.
Yes, Contact Crecit Card works!!!jagiger
Nov 19, 2001 5:00 AM
Last year, I bought a motherboard on the Internet & I found out 2months later when I tried to install that it was slower than what I'd ordered. I E-Mailed the Company (Heatwave Computers, Miami FYI) and I never got any response. So the next step was to document all the contacts & I made a case in writing to cc comp. They acknowledged my complaint, researched it & refund my money. It takes awhile, you just have to hang in there. If it would help I still have the letter I wrote which you could use as a template(e-mail: You should probably notify Paypal. I expect that they should be able to help too.

I also had 2 "near misses" where I thought that I was going to get burned. One guy was realy slow & wouldn't return E-Mails after I sent my money. I looked him up & phoned. He told me that he had "food poisoning" and he was really sick & couldn't get back to me. I'm going "yeah, right!" ("I'm screwed!"). For what it was worth, he did apologize & promised to send it along. After awhile I have to call again & now he's telling me that he's had a problem with the local USPS..."yeah, right!". At this point, I should be cutting my losses & not call any more, right. Anyway, it took awhile but I did get everything that I'd bid on.

Another time, I bought a "new Mapei jersey" on E-bay. It came stained, with pulls & thoroughly wore. I have to call this guy to as there's no response from E-Mails. I find out that he's not at the company that he sent the jersey from. (Oh shit!, not again!) Anyway, long story short, I finally did get ahold of him & I did get my $$$ back. As you are finding out, unfortuneately, not everyone is not into being "cool" about working things correctly on the Internet. I guess that there are some turkeys out there that may take some time to deal with.

In the mean time, do your thing with Paypal & the credit card company to cover your interest. Good luck & I wouldn't bet money that you don't get yours back.
private auction?filtersweep
Nov 19, 2001 5:05 AM
A private auction would only make matters worse. Bidders' email addresses won't show up on the item or bidding history screens. When the auction is over, only the seller and the high bidder will know who bought the item. Other than that, anyone else can bid on it, just like a regular auction. Private auctions are usually used for "adult" products, or jewelry so cheap and fake you wouldn't want anyone to know you purchased it on ebay.... it blocks the item from being viewed in the feedback profile, although the feedback is visible.
weak profilefiltersweep
Nov 18, 2001 3:58 PM
looks like more of a buyer than a seller, and the last item looks like it might have been porn?

I don't know what kind of time frame you are on, but some people ship immediately, some don't- when did you purchase it "last month?" You might be dealing with a bozo who is looking for something to ship it in, then a way to transport it to a UPS office, etc... To top it off, it can easily cost over $50 to at least semi-properly ship a bike, and depending on how you arranged the details, he may feel like he is getting screwed in the deal (if he or she? is completely ignorant- and it looks like this individual has never sold anything before. Unless and your emails are going unresponded to for a week or so, you might just be dealing with a bozo. Some ebayers only seem to have email at work...
Nov 19, 2001 6:53 AM
I rarely if ever, buy anything without first E-mailing the seller. I've passed on many "good deals" where the seller didn't respond to my inquiry. I figure if they won't respond to legitimate ??'s prior to the sale when they should be most motivated, then they are probably not worth messing with. I always check feedback, you can tell a lot from that, but it is not perfect. Basically, E-Bay is dependent on honest buyers and sellers that represent their items accurately. I find that the people who list all the slight imperfections and details of the item they are selling, are usually very honest and good E-bayers. I've had a few worrisome slow shippers, but only a few. I've scolded them for that, because I always pay with PayPal and they get their money instantly, there is no excuse other than laziness for slow packaging and shipping IMO.

I have been absolutely amazed on several occasions, where I didn't recive answers to my ??'s until just before the auction was about to end because the seller had some excuse like " I was out of town for the week and just got back" or something like that. Why would anybody try to sell something and not be available for answers. Virtually all of them had the little line "Email me with any questions" included in their description. Go figure!