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TT bike, Cervelo P2K or P3?(7 posts)

TT bike, Cervelo P2K or P3?Largo
Nov 18, 2001 2:03 PM
Anyone have any input on whether the P3 is that much better a frame as to be worth the extra$?
I need to pick up a TT bike, and its going to be one or the other.
Could pick up a really good set of wheels for the $ saved between the 2.
re: TT bike, Cervelo P2K or P3?Akirasho
Nov 18, 2001 2:25 PM
The P3's biggest draw over the P2K is aerodynamics...

When I factored my ample arse into the equation, I decided to save a few scheckles and go with the P2K... having a slippery frame cannot overcome the non aero properties of the rider... If you're small, compact and aero on the bike, then the P3 is certainly sweet, otherwise, invest in another set of wheels.

We abide.

Remain In Light.

P.S. I've "upgraded" the bike since this pic was taken. Added a CK headset, Ouzo Pro Aero fork and ZIPP cranks... yummmmmmmm.
re: TT bike, Cervelo P2K or P3?Jon
Nov 18, 2001 4:35 PM
I agree. Unless your name's Eric Wohlberg and you're looking for five seconds at the National TT
Championships, the extra bucks for the P3 are wasted.

BTW, AK, are you a trust fund baby? You've got more high end bikes than my LBS! I'm
re: given the way I feel today...Akirasho
Nov 18, 2001 6:47 PM
... I might need a truss... but no trust fund...

Hard earned... and admittedly a bit obsessive... Still it keeps me off the street and from smokin' crack.

Don't be jealous... I can still only ride one at a time...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Hey AKLargo
Nov 18, 2001 7:28 PM
Thanks for the info, more or less confirmed my thoughts.
BTW, how tall are ya? Looks like you've got that bay maxed.
I'm 6'6" and was going to go for the 61cm.
Hey AKAkirasho
Nov 19, 2001 5:07 AM
... good eye... it's a 61cm fitted with a 140mm 3T Forgie stem and the minimum amount of spacers for the Pro Aero fork.

I'm only 6'2", but have an abnormally long inseam (37") and monkey arms... Note: I can force (light) contact with the rear stays when I pedal if I don't keep good form (using LOOK 296, 49 Sidi G3 and ZIPP cranks/Ultegra BB).

You'll want to be careful on the fit... the top tube is only 574mm (thus explaining my 140 (bike shop originally fitted me with a 110... too short)). Also, I've never had the seatpost out of the frame so I don't know where or even if it has a max/min mark.

I'm keen to see what Cervelo is doing for '02 especially since Yaqui came out with CF stays on their "Carbo" TT/Tri bike. Wonder if they'll have 1 1/8" headtubes?

Also, if you have questions... email them... they were relatively quick to answer my questions... especially since I bought the bike sight unseen (the bike was bought specifically for relatively flat out and back TT's)! They say they'll have an improved seatpost/clamp this year... This was the only notable weakness of design execution on the '01 model (and it's minor unless you fidget with saddle position).

The bike is quite comfortable through rough stuff when on the aeros while seeming to retain lateral stiffness for a TT'esque windup. Track is true and steering is docile...

The one thing that I've experienced and heard others speak of is a rather fragile paint... it chips easier than anything else I've ever seen! Be careful when transporting!

Good luck.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: TT bike, Cervelo P2K or P3?Spox
Nov 19, 2001 5:04 AM
Cervelos are nice machines...but...yesterday I just watched TdF 2K Prologue, where that crazy Millar pushed incredible 31,5 mph average, with his pretty low-tech bike (MBK's tt-frame, disc, semideep f/wheel, bullhornbar/3t's bio-arms-combination).

Long thin guy; hands/aerobars in pretty wide position and whatta speeeeeed...some attitude and no need for super high-tech