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First ever thumbs up and than 4 stiches!!(5 posts)

First ever thumbs up and than 4 stiches!!BigLeadOutGuy
Nov 17, 2001 5:20 PM
Hey all!
I just wanted to tell a funny story quick. I was out riding today and I hear a motorist hit the horn behind me, so normally when that happens Im ready to dodge a bottle being thrown at me or someone trying to run me into a ditch....but for the first time since I have moved to NY it was someon giving me a thumbs up! I couldn't beleive it!!! I was so excited I took my hand off the bar without thinking so I could give them a wave. Which probably isnt the smartest thing to do when your climbing in the drops =) So I took my hand off the bar and slipped and hit my chin on my stem and got a nice gash...I was 20 miles from home so I was bleeding pretty good and by the time i got home i was a bloody mess..good thing my next door neighbor is a med student and had a stich kit in his room....five stiches later I was good as new =) hahaha
I must have given the guy in that car a pretty good laugh if he saw that one! hahaha
Hope everyone else did better than me today =)
nice/sorry to hear......dupe
Nov 17, 2001 6:07 PM
if it makes you feel any better thats a cool story. wear that scar with pride.

i too have been riding here in nyc but am newish to the city. and contrary to what i thought i have had a pretty good time from the motorists. the city is a surprisingly cool place to cycle.

the best story i have heard is from an old warhorse (damon) who is still a courier after more than 15 years. he told me of one day when he was riding back downtown from a recreational ride in central park. a cab without indicating had sharply turned in front of him forcing him to squeeze thru the tiniest of gaps betwen the cab and the kerb. he had almost made it but by the time the driver had heard his shout and realised that he needed to slam the brakes the nose of the cab just clipped his rear wheel knocking him off balance and sending him flying/spawling to the road at the intersection. after picking himself up he realised he was ok and only had a few minor scratches he began to hurl all manor of abuse and obscenities at the driver who was still behind the wheel of the cab albeit a little wide eyed and aprehensive.

damon's tirade had managed to upset and rile the driver who gave in and responded with barbs and abuse in retaliation although in not as fluent english. as things got heated damon moved closer to the driver's side door. traffic by this point had stopped and a good assembly of people had taken time out in a seemingly hectic city to watch what was about to enfold. tickets to the garden are a bit pricey.

in no uncertain terms did damon gesture to the driver that this matter would be better resolved if the he got out of the car. and to his surprise the driver did, in full traditional pakistani clothes. beard, hat etc etc... real punjabi get-up. having been raised in the city damon allways had a street sensibility and smartly decided that the option of going toe to toe whilst wearing his cycling shoes with slippery cleats was none too practical. he paused for a moment to strip his velcro fasteners and take his shoes off. the driver having witnessed this was somewhat confused and following suit bent over and began to take off his sandals!!!!

picture it: a cycling monster with dredlocks in super lycra with emblazeoned logo's and very authentic punjabi dressed, silver bearded cab driver facing off in the middle of an intersection with SHOES IN THEIR HANDS!!!.

damon was bowled over and began laughing as did all the gallery of passers by who had stopped. the inherent humor had permeated an otherwise hairy situation and both damon and the driver became civil in explining themselves. the driver had felt sorry for his part in the accident and asked if he was ok. damon apoligised for his profanities. having seen that his injuries were not that bad and that damon's rear wheel was bent the driver helped load the bike into the cab and drove damon home. he offered and paid for a new rim and respoking and the city was once again in harmony with its usual chaos.

i wish i was there.

ciao, ben
thanks, i love those tales from the big city (nm)Starliner
Nov 17, 2001 8:20 PM
That's Classic...How Can You Not Laugh!?BigLeadOutGuy
Nov 18, 2001 5:49 AM
That is the funniest story!!! Oh man, How bad do I wish I had seen that?
How is it riding in manhattan? I'm on Long Island...just outside of queen. I would imagine that the city is a little more bike friendly but I have not yet ventured there on my bike. They have tons of bike lanes dont they? Should I head in for a ride? Things are a lot differnt here than in SoCal thats for sure =)
well Im heading out for a ride in a few..once the weather gets up to about 40 degrees...Hopefully I will have an even better story this time around!
Be safe
just about to head out as well...dupe
Nov 18, 2001 6:03 AM
the city is very cool to ride in. all sorts of people and types of bikes. central park at night is just perfect. lit enought not to use lights. hardly any cyclists out. amazing views and a bit of a hilly section. i always view it as my own private criterium circuit as i rarley see others or either our pace is different. and of course no traffic and a great peice of tarmac.

riverside drive is where i live on and its a good lead out road. lots of options if you head over the george washington bridge. i have no complaints apart from the bike stores.

the thing about the story from damon is that no other city has such a plethora of beautiful moving incidents where even tho a city life can get to you its "moments" always keep you here. always get a kick out of life here.

enjoy your ride.

ciao, ben