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How does this route compare?(7 posts)

How does this route compare?NewRoadBiker
Nov 17, 2001 3:26 PM
Since I've started riding a road bike I've always ridden solo since I don't know any other road cyclists where I currently live. Therefore I don't have a way to gauge how my rides are compared to what others do. How does this ride rate as compared to what everyone else's weekend rides are like?

My nightly ride is a 22 mile subset of this one and only contains about half the total ascent. My average speed is pretty low, I would think, but some of those hills are slow going on the way up. I'm thinking I should probably start standing more on the climbs to get my average speed up some, but my average heart rate for the ride right now is about where I think it should be. Any feedback is welcome! :o)

re: How does this route compare?Bruno S
Nov 17, 2001 4:32 PM
Hello Darren, I have been doing a Saturday group ride for about a year here in San Diego. The ride is organized by the San Diego Bicycle Club and its 46.2 miles long. The attendance is on average of about 50 people. I record my times and heart rates after every ride. The following data is for my best time which I did on 7/28/2001:

Distance 46.2
Time 2:18:00
Average speed: 19.9
Max speed: 49 mph
Heart Rates:
Minutes above 176: 4
Between 175-168: 38
Between 167-157: 37
Between 156-145: 29
Bellow 145: 30
Max. HR: 183

I usually finish in the middle with some people in front of me and some behind but for the most part the group stays close together. If I would have to do this ride alone my average speed probably would be of about 17.5 mph. There are a couple of hills including a 1.5 mile long 450 ft gain at the very end where I usually get dropped.
re: How does this route compare?NewRoadBiker
Nov 19, 2001 9:05 AM
Thanks for the feedback Bruno! nm
re: How does this route compare?Allen az
Nov 17, 2001 5:22 PM
Distance: 51.77
Average: 21.0
Max: ? (not that important to me)

This was a solo ride with some long gradual climbs.

Thanks for the feedback az! nmNewRoadBiker
Nov 19, 2001 9:06 AM
Is the HRM effective for you?jagiger
Nov 17, 2001 5:55 PM

I was wondering if you've found the HRM useful. With all the data it generates, I would hope so. I got a more basic model SI90HR which works ok, but the more you learn, the more functions appear to be necessary.

One thing that I was reading recently mentioned that "ideally" the HR pattern should not vary much. They indicate that it should be within the allowable training zone as a percent of Max HR for maximum benefits. Obviously, this is hard to do with hills thrown in. I've began trying to watch this & I noticed while running that
I have to consciously slow down to be in "the zone" on easier days. Typically in the past I have a target MPH, which definitely appears to the wrong thing to focus on.
I'm hoping that I'll get better results, at some point.
(On the running, I'm trying to get back into some kind of running form for an annual Turkey Day race. My streak is at 24! Also it's getting colder here in CT.)

The book I was referring to is "The high performance heart : effective training for health, fitness, and competition with the heart rate monitor" by Philip Maffetone. I've also heard that Sally Edwards book is good. Have fun with biking & the HRM!
Yes, I've found it.....NewRoadBiker
Nov 19, 2001 9:14 AM
very helpful, and I'm by no means using the s710 to it's full advantage yet. I really enjoy being able to track my total ascent on rides as I live in east Tennessee right now and my rides are always in the hills or in the Smokey Mountains. The altitude profile I posted was through some rolling hills I ride near my home. Like you said, it's hard to keep the heart rate down when climbing hills, but having the monitor I am able to slow down to try to keep it within a semi-reasonable range. I do need to find some flats to ride on though. Yesterday I put two and a half hours on the trainer while watching the Tennessee football game and was able to keep my heart-rate within about 3 beats of my target the whole time.
Thanks for the recommendation on the book, I'll check it out!